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  1. In conclusion, if the numbers above are corrects, ClicShopping doesn't take some charge on the server.
  2. Hello, I would if you can help me to choose a server to install ClicShopping. What is your recommendation? I testing Prestashop, Magento, but after more read, this application takes a dedicated server if I want to develop my project.
  3. Hello, I am very tempted to spend on a dedicated but I'm a bit scared to know if I have the skills for that, what do we need to know how to master compared to a mutualised, Currently I have 3 sites in shared with a total of 1200 visits / days (cumulative of 3) but I have some problems on one of my site 15000 products and 800 connection per day with an average of 5 pages per connection weight of the page about 500 KB What do you recommend? One of them it's based on old Oscommerce and I want to migrate on ClicShopping.
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