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  1. @Patrick Ok thank you for the code.
  2. I installed this module and it works fine. Look there : https://www.clicshopping.org/forum/files/file/184-module-boxes-google-translate/
    Simple module, easy to install and can help some people to read your own language. It's use full if you do not want to translate all your products description.
  3. Hello, Just a question, whats is the best process to restore a database when the database has a big size ?
  4. Do you make that ?
  5. I noted also little bug on the card can appear. For example, do not why, by the card can have a correct alignment and after go directly in one column.
  6. Sorry, but there is one tax or 2 tax, I am not european. But it's important to know that and how the calcul is made
  7. Just tested, there little interesting function after about the subscription search engine, I am septic.
  8. It's important to write something good else the people will bannish your email. It's better to use in my opinion another tools like mailchimp than the internal newsletter
  9. It's nice apps, and I am sur, good to install it. This approach allow to the customer to buy more quickly. Nice options.
  10. It's funny for all people want to install ClicShopping. Looking other video, thank you @maxime for all your work.
  11. Do you know if there is a module to analyze the email is valid or not ? Send an email and have some no valid email is no good for the server and it can be blacklisted.
  12. @Foster, Thank you for the orientation.
  13. Hello, I would know if it's possible to desactivate hook ?
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