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  1. Ryan Gil

    Send a newsletter

    Do you know if there is a module to analyze the email is valid or not ? Send an email and have some no valid email is no good for the server and it can be blacklisted.
  2. @Foster, Thank you for the orientation.
  3. Hello, I would know if it's possible to desactivate hook ?
  4. The email system is not the best. Use something that is designed to send emails like mailchimp. All you have to do then is to figure out a way to sync the subscribers. It may also save your site from being blacklisted.
  5. @Griffou, It's better to push all on a server, this problem will be resolved.
  6. Ryan Gil

    Hooks GRPD

    Hello, Thank you to share your code. I think, it's the right way to make that.
  7. Ryan Gil

    Paypal fees

    Agree with @Drack and when you paid on Paypal, the Paypal fees are calculated automatically.
  8. Is it possible to use just one file and not to make for all pages ? Like I see inside the code, all products directory (new, specials ...) have their own files ?
  9. Thank you Drack. I will try and if I have question about that. I will let a message on the forum.
  10. Hello, I will know how to configure correctly the taxes. How do I make sure my cart charges the correct state tax? Thank you.
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