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  1. What are the new features inside this version ?
  2. Hello, Just a question about Specials, Features, Favorites in admin products. When I create a products I, can select on to create at Specials, Features, Favorites. When I edit a product, the button is always in red. Is it normal ?
  3. Hello, Applied free shipping to a post code. Is it possible ?
  4. Hello, Google analytics seems the best, do you some other can be usefull or better ?
  5. Alice

    Packing slip

    Hello, I print the labels via the Internet and print them on plain paper. I stick the part for sending with tape and keep the sending party that I have stamped. For follow-up mailings, I print stamps and labels on self-adhesive labels, but with heat the bar codes tend to fade, making scanning at the post difficult. PostCanada has offered to buy tracking labels and print stamps at the priority tariff. A priori, the price is the same. For addresses, I write them by hand.Hello, I print the labels via the Internet and print them on plain paper. I stick the part for sending with tape and
  6. Ok, I will tried, thank you @Drack for this explanation
  7. Hello, I want include a payment module and need to use CURL. I am looking the class inside ClicShopping, but I do not find a function like that. Before to implement something, maybe someone can tell if it exist. Thank you.
  8. Customer is the most important. For a small company, I think it's important to have a quick and a good interaction with the customer.
  9. Ah, ok, I do not see this setting. Thank you.
  10. Do you know if it's possible to display a specific little image when there is an image broken on the website ? Maybe it can be a little development ?
  11. I found this point to check. What do you think about SEO :  1. Optimize for page speed 2. Secure your website with SSL 3. Create an FAQ page for your website  4. Create Short form content 5. Create long form content 6. Use simple words and short sentences 7. Be active on Social Media 8. Use Schema Metadata 9. Update your Google My Business Listing  10. Optimize Your Website’s Structured Data Markup
  12. Ok thank you. @Foster
  13. It's easy to implement or not ? Foster create a just circle and Spencer propose something more evolved. What is your opinion.
  14. Hello, It's possible to display a % about the specials on the different product page. How to change that to include a round ?
  15. What do you recommend to have not the problem ?
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