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  1. It's easy to implement or not ? Foster create a just circle and Spencer propose something more evolved. What is your opinion.
  2. Hello, It's possible to display a % about the specials on the different product page. How to change that to include a round ?
  3. What do you recommend to have not the problem ?
  4. I think in Canada and other countries, you can have products with taxes and product without taxes. ClicShopping manage this aspect ?
  5. Is it for all the country want to sell in Europe ?
  6. I looked a little the code and I see /includes/modules/header_tags. I suppose I must take something close as I want and create a new module ? Is it exact ?
  7. Hello, Google asks me to add tags to my product sheets, but I do not know where to find the pages of my site. Can you tell me where they are? Thanks in advance,
  8. Hello, On my shop, I want to include a pop-up and a banner that allows you to subscribe to the newsletter. I assume that people who sign up can be very interested in my brand. What is your recommendation to send a newsletter and to have a good rate? Beautiful day
  9. A combination is the best, after you must look the service and the price
  10. Odoo is a great software, but becare full the economic model has been changed and some open free modules are not updated. Also, if you make an upgrade, it will be very difficult to make an update. if you use the enterprise license, the price increase very quickly. Yes Odoo is good but becarefull before to take a decision.
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