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  1. I think, there are several reasons why the visitors customer stop this order but it's my ideas and it's possible to have other The site does not load fast enough The site's design is neither ergonomic nor professional Navigation is difficult No content inside the product description Site not secure for the customer
  2. Ok, I do not searched in the good place !! Thank you
  3. Where I can find the module, I looking, but I do not find. You can see in action on the demo ?
  4. https://www.mydomain.com/shop/install it's an example. If you are on your localhost : https://localhost/shop/install You must follow your directory inside your ftp. Shop could another directory name.
  5. Hello @Potluck Welcome on the forum. inside ClicShoppingAdmin, it's not conf.php but site_conf.php. It's idem for the Shop directory
  6. Hi Alice, Do you look the header tag module on the marketplace? Maybe you will find what you look. Else, the best approach is to create an header tag module. Like that the integration will be better and you can choose where you want to display without to change anything. Look some header tags files, you will see how to proceed.
  7. Gtmetrix is an indicator important, or not ?
  8. ok, thank you @foster. find the solution to add a new tab and make some other configuration action.
  9. @Foster, I suppose I must change theses elements : $n by a name ( tabOption ) and $r by $CLICSHOPPING::getDef(text_option) .
  10. ok, find, and thank you for the information, no so complicate
  11. I installed this module, I want to change the color, where can I found the css?
  12. Just a question, s it possible to add a static tab. In this case, all is inside the description but if I want to make some other information like, weight, image, products url... Is it possible ?
  13. Thank you Julie, Indeed, it's the information I am looking for.
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