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  1. Hello @Maxime, Thank you for this great video. I'm discover a new marketing approach ! Is possible it to include a text or video inside these banner ? Is it to put other banner in some other place inside the website ?
  2. Hello @tempo, I saw this one time and I forget how to do that, look another time and found the solution inside the products listing menu.
  3. Hello, I would change the header in function the page, for example if someone is not login, he has a normal information (like a banner) but when he is logged, it can have some other information. Is possible to make that ?
  4. Hello @Carole, I played with the B2B, you can make different group and display the price with or without taxes. You can also make a configuration by product. But about the price by country, it's difficult, it's better in my sense to make 2 different websites or work with a geolocalisation approach.
  5. I will mix a payment with my bank and virtual bank, maybe square, I do not take my decision again. But I think to propose 2 different approaches is better than only choice.
  6. I understand, in my case, it's better to manage that by product. Tk.
  7. Hello everyone. Here I am looking how to replace the button add to the cart on a product sheet according to its category and put instead only sold in stores. Do you have an idea of where I have to go and how to do that? Thank you in advance
  8. Hello, I encounter a problem in the creation of my website, with my hosting I have 2 email addresses, one that I want to use for customer service and the other to send information on customer orders, such as automatic messages. Could you help me to configure that ? Thank you for your attention.
  9. Hello, is it possible to create a new link to display a new content in the header or in the footer ?
  10. Ok, thank you for your comment
  11. Hello I would like to know if you are using Interac payment and if so, are you using this module? https://www.bellini-services.com/shop/payment-modules/29-interac-e-transfer-payment-module.html If no, what are you using? Thank you
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