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  1. Hi, Do you have an idea about the point to focus on the catalog ?
  2. Thank you @Carole, the link is very interesting. It will help me.
  3. Ok got it. Thank @Julie
  4. A big question that all e-merchants are trying to answer is: how can visitors to my site become my customers?
  5. Hell, Is possible to help how to configure paypal. I am little lost. I do not found on paypal the key and would know what is the best approach for the module configuration Thank you.
  6. Hello, Currently I develop an e-commerce where I sell tea / tisané / infusion. I would like to offer my items to food stores for resale. Not far from home there is a shop that sells fruits and vegetables and bulk products, this store interests me in particular. My concern is that I do not really know how to do it, I think that I should build a solid file with my products, etc. But I do not really know what to put in it. I would like some advice or other solutions to finalize this project. thank you in advance
  7. Thank for your ideas, indeed, the @Drack orientation seems the best.
  8. Hello, I want to include at left a text and right and image rotative to present some event. Do you an idea how to make that ?
  9. Ok, it's important to follow the same approach that the default directory. I tested one and I have been success. I started to understand. Thank you.
  10. Thank you @Drack for these explanations. indeed the readme is well done and I found a video on the tutorial space. Now, all the files seems to be not inside the template, If I need to modify one, could tell the process to follow. Thank you.
  11. I have just installed ClicShopping, could you tell me how to include a new template inside the application. I would know a little better how to proceed.
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