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  1. ok, door is open for cross-selling. The title in english is use on site if english is off or the content doesn't matter for SEO ?
  2. Hi, Thank you for answer, i've allready find to change address. I have try to install the module "modules_header_menu_slimmenu". This module allow to display a responsive design menu (and sub menu) with the products categories in the header in the front Office Version intallée : 1.0.1 Version cache temp : 1.0.1 If i click on Configure button, i have a 404 error.
  3. Hi, I search to make a product (floor lack) on different gloss (mat, half glossy and glossy), and different size (125ml, 250ml, 1L, 5L) Is it possible to do that with attribut ? Other question, give ClicShopping possibility to make cross selling ? I try to make a first category, i have deactivated english language, but a title in english is waiting to create category. Thanks for answer. David.
  4. Hi, I just install clickshopping on dedicated server with nginx and mariadb under debian 9. I search now where can I change logo, address, phone, mail... Is it an existing documentation or a todo list after install ? Thanks, David.
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