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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, I am using gpt apps to generate my text and for request via the chatbot. When I ask a question, it does not provide all information, It stop. Is it possible to increase the chatbot answer ?
  2. Little note for the communauty, Gpt from OpenAI will be integrated for the next release of ClicShopping. I let you to read the blog to understand what you can do with this tool. Just a note, we must use the API, and it's free for 3 month. It will be easy to configure GPT Let's enjoy with an artificial intelligence
  3. ChatGPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) is a chatbot launched by OpenAI in November 2022. It is built on top of OpenAI's GPT-3 family of large language models, and is fine-tuned with both supervised and reinforcement learning techniques. ChatGPT was launched as a prototype on November 30, 2022, and quickly garnered attention for its detailed responses and articulate answers across many domains of knowledge. Its uneven factual accuracy was identified as a significant drawback. Following the release of ChatGPT, OpenAI was reportedly valued at $29 billion. (01/2023) There have also been extensions and guides developed to facilitate the usage of ChatGPT, as well as related tools that have been recently launched that are worthy to check out: ChatGPT for Search Engines ChatGPT for Google The Art of ChatGPT Prompting: A Guide to Crafting Clear and Effective Prompts Perplexity Ask Anything Jasper Chat YouChat Taking all of this into consideration, as many of you, I’ve been playing with ChatGPT to leverage in SEO tasks. Here are some ideas of them that you can use as a reference too: Technical Optimization . Generate Structured Data for your content “Generate the FAQPage Schema markup for the following questions and answers:…” . Generate Hreflang tags for to use as patterns for your site pages “Generate the hreflang tags to feature in pages targeted to the <country> in <language>, <country> in <language> and <country> in <language>…” . Generate .htaccess rewrite rules for redirects “Generate the .htaccess rewrite rules to 301-redirect <source location> to <location destination> …” . Generate the rules for your robots.txt “Generate a robots.txt rules to block the crawl <location to block> but allow the crawling of <location to crawl> within the domain …” Link Building . Help you answer Help a B2B Writer or HARO requests “Please write a professionally sounding and short reply to the following “Help a B2B Writer” request saying that I have first hand experience and happy to provide the input needed as long as I don’t mention the site names: …” . Generate popular and relevant sites to outreach “Recommend X popular blogs about <site area> that cover “<topic>” along with their URLs” . Reword outreach emails to make them unique Let’s use one of the templates shared by Ahrefs in this guide and ask to reword it to make it unique: “Rephrase the following email while keeping its meaning, to make it sound fun but still professional: …” SEO Reporting . Generate RegEx to filter Google Search Console Performance Report Keyword Research . Generate relevant topics to target “Generate a list of X popular questions related to “<keyword>, that are relevant for new <audience>” . Classify a list of keywords based on their search intent “Classify the following keyword list in groups based on their search intent, whether commercial, transactional or informational: …” . Cluster a list of keywords based on their semantic relevance “Cluster the following keywords into groups based on their semantic relevance: ….” . Translate a list of keywords “Translate the following keywords from <Source Language> to <Output Language> and generate the results in a table with two columns, with the keywords in <Source Language> in the first one, and their translation to <Output Language> in the second:” Content Optimization . Generate titles for your page content Copy/paste your page content and ask: “Generate X unique title tags, of a maximum of 60 characters, for the following text. They should be descriptive and include the term <keyword> in them: …. “ . Generate meta descriptions for your page content The same can be done for meta descriptions, also specifying that they should be catchy and include a call to action: “Generate Z unique meta descriptions, of a maximum of 150 characters, for the following text. They should be catchy with a call to action, including the term “Main keyword” in them: ….” . Rephrase your existing content to avoid duplication Generate different versions of a text to avoid content duplication: “Rephrase the following paragraph in X different ways, to avoid repetition, while keeping its meaning: … “ . Provide facts and stats to use as an input to back your content “Generate a list of the top 10 facts, statistics and trends related to <topic>, including their source” . Generate a summary of your content “Generate an X words summary of the following content: …” Conclusion As you see, we can use ChatGPT to optimize the content and it can give a new way to improve your content, your code and your strategies.
  4. OpenAiGPT can help companies in online trade in several ways. Here are some examples : GPT and analysis Content generation: GPT can generate quality content for e-commerce websites, such as product descriptions, technical sheets and blog articles. This can help companies increase their online visibility and improve their natural referencing. Selling assistance: GPT can also be used to create virtual assistants to help customers find products and answer their questions. This can help companies improve customer experience and increase conversions. Data analysis: GPT can be used to analyze e-commerce data, such as sales trends, purchase behavior and customer comments. This can help companies make informed decisions on products for sale and the advertising campaigns to be launched. Generation of automated Chatbot script: GPT could help generate automated script for chatbot for better customer support and better shopping experience. Generation of slogan or catchy title: Chat GPT can also be used to generate slogans or catchy titles for online advertising campaigns. This can help companies attract customer attention and increase conversions. It is important to note that Chat GPT is a powerful tool but it does not replace creativity and human expertise. It is best to use it as a tool to help you improve the performance of your site and your customer experience Could GPT do the after -sales service of an online commerce site? ‍ GPT could certainly be used to manage the after-sales service of an online commerce site. It could be used to create a chatbot or a virtual assistant to help customers solve their problems and answer their questions. - It could also be used to analyze after-sales service data, such as support tickets and customer comments, to identify trends and recurring problems. - It could use pre-trained models on customer needs to be able to meet the most common requests. - It can help using standard expressions and responses for requests for return, refund, order, delivery monitoring etc. - It could also be used to generate scripts for customer service employees to help them respond to requests in an efficient and professional manner. It is important to emphasize that even if GPT has high capacities for language understanding, it is important to train it with data specific to your company, so that the generated responses are as appropriate as possible. It is also important to ensure the quality of these responses and check them regularly to ensure that they are correct and in accordance with the company's policies. Will it be possible to send emails directly to customers, in particular for informed of a delivery state for an order? ‍ - It would be possible to use Cat GPT to send automatic emails to customers to inform them of the state of their delivery. - This could be accomplished using the GPT API to generate automated emails, which would then be sent to customers via an email sending platform. For this, it would be necessary to configure an automated email generation system which will integrate into your order management system, so that it can recover the delivery data corresponding to a given command and use it to generate a personalized email to the customer. - GPT could then be used to generate the content of these emails, using delivery and shipping information to customize the message. - It would also be possible to use GPT to generate email models for different stages of the delivery process, such as order confirmation, shipping, delivery or return. This would automate the process for sending delivery monitoring and saving time for employees. It is important to note that the sending of automated email must respect the rules of confidentiality and spam and must comply with the applicable laws and regulations, such as the Data Protection Act (GDPR). It is important to ensure that customers have given their consent to receive communications of this type and give them the possibility of unsubscribing. Product content creation : How can GPT Chat be useful in their creation? ‍ GPT-4 can be very useful for the creation of product sheets for an online commerce site. It could be used to automatically generate product descriptions, technical characteristics, advantages and disadvantages, current uses, product images and even catchy titles for products. Here are some concrete examples of the use of Chat GPT for the creation of product sheets: - Generation of product descriptions: GPT could be used to generate convincing and attractive product descriptions, using information on the characteristics and advantages of the product. He can use examples of sales sentences to encourage the user to buy. - Generation of technical characteristics: GPT could be used to generate the detailed technical characteristics of products, such as dimensions, weight, materials used, etc. - Generation of product images: GPT could also be used to generate product images based on technical characteristics and product descriptions. He could use existing images based on tags for image recognition. - Generation of catchy titles: GPT could also be used to generate catchy titles for products, which would attract the attention of customers and encourage them to learn more about the products. - Generation of SEO content: GPT could also be used to generate SEO (Search Engine Optimization) content to improve product sheets in terms of natural referencing. It is important to note that even if GPT can automatically generate quality content and it is important to check and reread the product sheets before publishing them to ensure that they are correct and respect the rules of the company in terms of quality and presentation. It is also important to have complete information on products to feed GPT-4, to avoid errors or inaccuracies. How can GPT analyze the sales data of a website and what will interest be? ‍ GPT can be used to analyze sales data from an electronic commercial website using automated data analysis techniques. It could be used to identify sales trends, customer purchase behavior and the most popular products, for example. Here are some concrete examples of the use of Chat GPT for sales data analysis: - Identify sales trends: GPT could be used to analyze sales data and identify trends, such as periods of high activity or most popular products. This could help companies plan their inventory and adapt their marketing strategy. - Analysis of purchase behavior: GPT could also be used to analyze customer purchase behavior, such as products purchased together, purchase frequencies and spent amounts. This could help companies better understand their customers and adapt their marketing strategy accordingly. - Customer segmentation: GPT could use sales data to identify customer segments that have similar characteristics and similar purchase behavior. This could help companies target their marketing campaigns and personalize offers for each group of customers. - Sales forecasts: GPT could use machine learning techniques to predict to come from the historic sales data. This could help companies plan the inventory and marketing strategies. - Customer commentary data analysis: GPT could use feelings analysis techniques to extract positive and negative information from customer comments, to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the products and the purchasing experience . This could help companies improve their products and improve the purchasing experience. Analysis of sales data can provide businesses with valuable information on their market, customers and products. This can help them make informed decisions on products for sale, the advertising campaigns to be launched and the marketing strategies to use, to increase sales and improve customer experience. How can GPT help the purchase service from an online sales site? ‍ ‍ GPT can help the purchase service of an online sales site using its natural language and content generation comprehension capacities. It can be used to automate certain tasks and improve the efficiency of the purchasing service. Here are some concrete examples of the use of Chat GPT for the purchase service of an online sales site: - Supplier search: GPT could be used to carry out online supplier searches, using specific keywords and search criteria to find potential suppliers. It could also be used to assess the quality and reliability of potential suppliers. - Generation of purchase requests: GPT could be used to automatically generate purchase requests for products, using supplier information and business needs to personalize requests. It could also be used to generate quotes and contracts for suppliers. - Monitoring of orders: GPT could be used to monitor orders and to inform suppliers and internal employees about possible delays or delivery problems. It could also be used to generate reports on commands and deliveries. - Price negotiation: GPT could use its language understanding capacities to help buyers negotiate prices with suppliers, using relevant arguments and responding to objections. - Data analysis: GPT could use data analysis techniques to identify trends and purchase opportunities, using information on orders, deliveries, stocks and prices to make purchase decisions informed. By using GPT to automate certain tasks and to improve the efficiency of the purchasing service, companies can save time and resources while improving the quality and relevance of purchasing decisions. It is important to note that the use of Chat GPT for these tasks does not replace the need for human expertise to make crucial decisions for business management, especially for negotiations and data analyzes. What can be the use of GPT chat for images produced from an eCommerce site? ‍ GPT can be very useful for product images of an electronic commerce site using its image recognition and content generation capacities. It can be used to automate certain tasks related to products and to improve the user experience. Here are some concrete examples of the use of GPT-3 for product images of an electronic commerce site: - Image recognition: GPT could be used to identify the characteristics of product images, such as colors, shapes and sizes, using automated image recognition techniques. This information could be used to improve product search or to suggest similar products. - Image generation: GPT could be used to generate product images based on product descriptions, using technical characteristics and product descriptions to generate images that faithfully represent products. - Image compression and resizing: GPT could be used to optimize the size of product images to improve the loading time of the website pages. We hope these elements can be useful for you. GPT is disruptive tool and it's important to implement it if you want to improve your productivity.
  5. ClicShopping allow you to use the generative artificial intelligence with Gpt, there are 2 ways to use this new functionality What you do inside ClicShopping with the GenIA Across the chat : Use on all pages Across the Wysiwyg : Specific request about - Products (description - short description - SEO - image gallery) - Brands (description - SEO - image) - Categories (description - SEO - image) - Contact email - Newletters - Content page (description - SEO) ... All other page use the Wysiwyg - SEO in general - Request Help with a general chat - Front page Chatbot In the futur we want to develop and to implement more interactions with the IA like products recommendations, reviews summary ... 1 - Use the chatbox available in the header This approach is useful if you need to ask a specific request, for example for the seo (title, description, keywords) 2 - Use the wysiwig chatbox available for all descriptions This approach will allow you to include a product description easily. You must click on the map icon close the image icon. A dialog box is open and you can insert your question. 3 - Setting the Artificial Intelligence To use this approach, you must configure the API and to include the OpenAI key. Of course you can change some parameters. The key is available on OpenIA platform. Just note the API is not free (except for testing during 3 months) 4 - Front Page Chatbot You must activate the chatbot frontpage to use it and set it inside Template/footer. The focus is on product information. It was difficult to propose some others informationswith the generative AI because the consumption is too important for a bad result. The problem come from Maria Db, the database does not use the vector approach and when you have a long text to analyze, the vector approach is really useful. We tried with segmentation approach but the result is poor. To use generative AI for general condition is really bad idea because the legal approach can be very different on each website including the regulation. Documentation : if you want more information about the setting configuration, please look there : https://platform.openai.com/docs/quickstart/start-with-an-instruction 5 - Statistitics dashboard Settings 5 - More informations are available inside the blog : How can GPT help us to improve the productivity and the result inside ClicShopping ? SEO and GPT Use Artificial Intelligence In Ecommerce
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