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  1. The module allow you to display a free shipping element inside the shipping page and it enhance the initial configuration. It's better to include inside your shop.
  2. I just make a new installation with the github repo, I have no problem.
  3. Hello @ISAC, I installed the application recently, and I have not been problem. Could you explain your process ? Which Php do you use, it's recommended to use php 7.3 but it must work on 7.x The installation on Windows or Linux ? Your conf files is on 777 and Work ? For your help you can look this : https://www.clicshopping.org/forum/blogs/entry/4-clicshopping-installation-process/ tk
  4. Agree with @Patrick, it's complicated to use IA for the small company, the data are not enough and the chat must be in relation with the product. Last thing for one product it can have lot of question.
  5. Hello @Juliana, It's a pre realase, In this case, you can test and wait when the release will be out. I think the code is stable, but need more test to be better and see if there something to fix or not. If you install, you can help. In my part, I will test before to make an update.
  6. Nice idea, very good for the new shop owner. You do not take the simple way @Maxime
  7. I hope their a vide about the shop setting it will be cool to help the new shop owner to set their shop easily and quickly. I love what you do @Maxime
  8. I am not a jurist, but if you market is in France, it's better to use display the product with Taxes. After inside the solution if someone is out of France, the taxes is updated in function your settings.
  9. Some element are included inside ClicShopping but if you want to include something like mailchimp, you must look the hook if you can use this system or to create your own. Respect the regulation is importantfor your business
  10. Hello @Rainer, Do you want to send some information by the newsletter ?
  11. Nice idea for the newbiz. Thre is a specific tutorial on the blog. https://www.clicshopping.org/forum/blogs/entry/4-clicshopping-installation-process/
  12. Hello @Eolia, Yes you can, you must take just the code and copy paste inside other files or better to make a modules. There are some free modules on that, look the markplace.
  13. Thank you @Maxime, it's nice video to explain how to use the banner with the boxes. Good idea.
  14. Yes you can do that, you must edit inside design /layout / left -rigth boxe, copy the group and create a banner with this group
  15. Could you explain your problem, You want to create a banner ? It's too ambiguous question
  16. @Potluck For the description but also other modules, some are not installed,. You must use the extansions menu in tools to install a new module inside in your application
  17. Hello Reflex, Welcome on the forum. To customize your product, you have different option. 1 - use the products attributes (catalog / products attributes). I think it be the best in you case 2 - Extra fields, this apps (not free) allow you to add new fields inside you catalog 3 - Products Specifications (not free) allow you to add differents specifications inside your product description.
  18. I don't know this tool, look quickly seems interesting.
  19. You can develop an option to include the country and the taxe affiliated. But it will be a an important development. Like @Eolia said, you can manage and display the product with or without taxes but in your case, you have another element, it's the country. If you are in B2B only, you can manage that and all the people make a subscription inside your site, you can add this people inside a group. For example you can create a group called France, with taxes, and another group Switzerland without taxes. it can solve a part of your problem.
  20. Look the width of the invoice defalt logo andtake the same. You must have a specific width and height to use.
  21. Julie

    Send a newsletter

    Look this I think it can help you : https://www.clicshopping.org/forum/files/file/23-apps-report-email-validation/
  22. Hello, You have different way to do that but the most simple is to configure your store in B2B.
  23. Hello Joe, Welcome on the forum You can found the settings inside the configuration / My Store
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