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  1. Julie

    Stripe Payment

    Stripe is now in the new version, impatient to test, I am looking a such module since a moment.
  2. Hello, Thank you for this update. Ii will push on my test s ite before to go in production. @Catalina, If I read well the update, you have nothing to do. If you want to upgrade your website, I recommend you to test before on local for example if everything is correct
  3. Julie

    Rotative banner

    Yes you can include a video or html syntax
  4. I love this tool and the guy is too cool https://answerthepublic.com
  5. @Juliana, Nice work, clear and focus on the product. - I saw you use the guest account, it's nice idea, All element can help the customer to choose this best way is welcome. I am not an expert but I appreciate this function. - Maybe in shopping if you can display the shipping cost it can be good also. - Same critics that the other - Which shipping and payment do you use ?
  6. The software is open source, under GPL 2 - MIT license, That I know you must respect the licence and the condition about the signature in the files, and logo in admin, and footer information. After, you can change al that you want inside the application Look that : https://www.clicshopping.org/forum/trademark/
  7. Extension as webp are not on internet and before some browser do not accept that. The image was renamed in jpg. Now, it's not a problem but about the image format yes.
  8. Very interesting, it will help me to improve my cart page and to see what's happen. Very useful for me.
  9. I agree these 2 modules are important to follow the release information and security. After, you can select what are information do you want.
  10. Hello @Catalina, Look this post you will have the answer. https://www.clicshopping.org/forum/topic/22-tuto-how-to-declare-the-xml-sitemap/
  11. Look the market place, I think there is a Google translate module
  12. Welcome, Thank you to share your project, It seems very interesting.
  13. Hello, You must select inside page manager information with B2B or all groups options. You will see the information inside.
  14. Hello @Alice, This function can bring a little confuse. In reality, it's as shortcut, it helps you to create more quickly a favorite for example; But after it's better to manage your favorites inside the favorites file.
  15. I think it's better to wait the release, you can make test, some change can be made inside.
    Tested and works very fine. It can help when you want to update some categories or products As I am not a developer, it's important to understand how works the fields. This a limitation.
  16. Julie

    Banner or Image

    On the market place, there is a caroussel modules with banner manager, you can look. I think there a little tutorials video. Look the Best pratices Forum
  17. Julie

    Delete an order

    Hello @Catalina, If I understand well, ClicShopping is based on the European regulation. if the taxes want to see your administration or need some informations, you must prove all your registered information on your website. For the taxes administration, the order are important.
  18. Chocolat, hum. Is it artisanal ?
  19. Hello @Maxime, Thank you for this information, nice to have a little information bout that and understand what's happen.
  20. Julie

    Rotative banner

    I tested the both; inside the header, the banner (if it's responsive) can take lot of space. If your website is for example in 1024, you can use the header. Now it's what the message you want to push ! Important because it's a big special on a product, it can be useful to do that.
  21. @Foster, Yes you have right, I make a test and after, but I photo in 640 or 800 is enough. Inside ClicShopping, it's possible to change the parameters to resize the image.
  22. Hello Everyone, Do you know if there is a maximum size to download an image ? I tried with an image with a big resolution, and it does not want to resize. It blocks. Thank you.
  23. @ClicShopping, Nice to see you ! Thank you for your reaction and explanation.
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