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  1. The best is to look On Papyal website if for your country the fees has been changed.
  2. I think we have forget something. There are 2 options : state and witthout state Dropdown is always use for the country. In this case I suppose @Engy talk about the state. Case 1 : The state is important for you : Dropdown or not ? Case 2 : State is not important : No need state For me, if you do not use the state dropdown, you have a field and the customer can write or not something inside. If it write and the system make an error, it will try another time, and if it's do not work, he will stop the process. More is simple, more is better.
  3. Hello Engy, Thre is not a package for that, it's included inside the solution. go to Configuration /B2B / Customers details.
  4. I found a nice article but it's in french about that : Take time to look . https://www.cbnews.fr/etudes/image-e-commerce-ces-defauts-que-consommateurs-ne-veulent-plus-voir-plateformes-45304
  5. You must look what is the best paltform is for you. Etsy maybe ? Marketplace like Cdisount, bestby ... ? It depends of your products.
  6. Nice article and it can help some customers how to make a claim.
  7. @Foster, thank you, this something I must do and nice how to make quickly a cron;
  8. I can add : make a partnership with some webssite in your domain. It's important for the visibility and reviews.
  9. No, if you follow the instruction, it's easy. You have a tutorial there :https://www.clicshopping.org/forum/topic/384-training-to-include-a-new-template/ the other way is to install via extension menu in your admin.
  10. Hello Eolia, Here is an example of the fields I use because it must be admitted that I have a little trouble with some of them (the French doc is not super explicit). title / Black shirt link / http://www.mydomain.com/black-shirt.html price / 123,45 EUR color / black description / Superb black shirt cheap blablabla brand / shirt brand availability / in stock shipping / EUR ::: 6.9 image_link / http://www.mdomain.com/black-shirt.jpg condition / newHere is an example of the fields I use because it must be admitted that I have a little trouble with some of them (the French doc is not super explicit).
  11. 3D Secure transfers the transaction to the buyer's bank and asks the customer to enter a code sent to them by SMS. This is strong authentication?
  12. 3D secure has been around for a long time, I have it on my sites for 7 or 8 years already, and I thought it was mandatory for a long time
  13. ClicShopping do not need lot of ressources and you can use same on little plan; It must work fine;
  14. "Make this action the titles configure.php files ==> I think there is an error. Send this point to the admin to look.
  15. @Alice + @Tempo= winner
  16. @Ronaldo, You can look this code it will help you. https://bootsnipp.com/snippets/7B4x After you have just to create a new module.
  17. Hello @Mara, Could you tell us little more what do you to propse ? I like the mexican culture and I am curious
  18. I agree with @Drack, you can test the demo, try to configure the solution to find the best approach. For moment, it's better to test before to make. I do that and it was better for me to undestand the admin and how to make a good process.
  19. If you have inserted the txt file at the good place, it will be translated
  20. When you install an app / module or a module via the administration and you want know if it's installed or nrt look : /Work/Cache/Github . You must find the json of your apps. The document tell you if it's a module or an apps. On the marketplace or Github, you have all informations about the installation.
  21. Julie

    Alibaba template

    @Ingrid, this is for compare the files if there an update or not. Inside your Admin Tools / install extension, you will see a version or 2 depends if you have installed or not the apps. You can compare if you need to make an update or not.
  22. The module allow you to display a free shipping element inside the shipping page and it enhance the initial configuration. It's better to include inside your shop.
  23. Thank you, for this little update
  24. I just make a new installation with the github repo, I have no problem.
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