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  1. Look the width of the invoice defalt logo andtake the same. You must have a specific width and height to use.
  2. Julie

    Send a newsletter

    Look this I think it can help you : https://www.clicshopping.org/forum/files/file/23-apps-report-email-validation/
  3. Hello, You have different way to do that but the most simple is to configure your store in B2B.
  4. Hello Joe, Welcome on the forum You can found the settings inside the configuration / My Store
  5. More information founf PhpMailer : Exemple for google. $mail->SMTPSecure = 'tls'; $mail->Host = 'smtp.gmail.com'; $mail->Port = 587; //or more succinctly: $mail->Host = 'tls://smtp.gmail.com:587'; or $mail->SMTPSecure = 'ssl'; $mail->Host = 'smtp.gmail.com'; $mail->Port = 465; //or more succinctly: $mail->Host = 'ssl://smtp.gmail.com:465'; Don't mix up these modes; ssl on port 587 or tls on port 465 will not work.
  6. Hello Eolia, You can do that, Go to Communcation / Page Manage and follow the process. It's simple. Do not for get to activate the module to display the information in the header or footer if there is not installed.
  7. You must go in the menu Market /Banner and edit the slogan banner.
  8. @ClicShopping, Thank you for this quick update, when I have the time I will make the update on test website.
  9. In this moment, I make some specials for St patrik event and I use Facebook to increase my community.
  10. Look this post : https://www.clicshopping.org/forum/topic/32-migration-oscommerce-under-clicshopping/ I think it can help you.
  11. You can make all that you want, you have 2 choices : One to create new module, and change all inside Or to use another template (copy Default in Test for example) and change everything that you want inside. I do not recommend to change an existing module because eerything can erase the next update when you want to do it.
  12. @Grantz look this post, it can help you to configure your smtp if you don"t want use sendmail. https://www.clicshopping.org/forum/topic/92-use-smtp-configuration/?tab=comments#comment-280
  13. Look the forum, I think there is a post with some tools. For SEO update your must adapt contents regularly and publish high quality. Optimize image also and have a link-worthy site for SEO.
  14. It's possible to make inside the module an option allowing or not to display the delete button or not.
  15. Thank you for this example. I think there is another post about the hook status.
  16. I agree with @Drack, focus on the value is the most important. @McJordadino remember you, you have some statistics in other page inside the administration.
  17. Do you look on the marketplace ? I think there something like that : https://www.clicshopping.org/forum/files/category/18-apps-tools/
  18. @Oka, You can add a new defintion with your administration, tools / Language / look the index admin and add your definition.
  19. Yes it seems new hook. I like. @Drack, thank you for this example. It' useful for the newbies
  20. About the memory, the best is to compare on the same server, with the same element. I looked for into info server tab to see this value, it's close the number above.
  21. Julie


    Thank you @ClicShopping Could you give us an exemple ?
  22. I just forgot something. Could you tell us if you have used a e-commerce platform before ? What do you look on this forum. It can help the member to help you in the future
  23. Welcome to the forums. Do not hesitate to look the documentation and the security guide (blog) to help you to configure your application
  24. Julie

    Newsletter and Email

    @Josephine The best approach is to make a connexion with your Mailchimp or your service / app in this case.
  25. @Patrick, Ok thank you for your help
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