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  1. My last test : https://gtmetrix.com/reports/demo.clicshopping.org/VBVcVpBE/
  2. It's weird, My result under chrome : https://ibb.co/7G3F1DQ under edge : https://ibb.co/Ss4PFvv As you see I have no problem with the demo, everything works fine Just an idea, try to remove the code of pwabuilder-sw.js script (root of the site), maybe.
  3. I use Chrome and ClicShopping under windows, I do not have this problem. Your problem can be a plug in ? Do you tried without ?
  4. Just an idea, You can create inside your website root an index.html with a redirection to index.php. Just check index.html has the priority on index.php on your hoster.
  5. Hello, You can use embed a video in the product description by adding the html code provided by YouTube. An example is shown below: <div class="embed-responsive embed-responsive-16by9"><p> <iframe width="800" height="480" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/uaYJHDFZUJ_4g" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe> </p></div>
  6. On all purchases of products imported outside the European Union, online sales platforms and marketplaces will have to apply VAT from the first euro spent. From July 1, new rules on VAT and for online sales platforms and marketplaces come into force. They follow a European directive of 2017 and the implementation of the VAT package on electronic commerce. Implementation had been delayed for a few months due to the Covid-19 health crisis. One provision relates in particular to the abolition of the exemption from VAT with the importation of products outside the European Union with a value of up to 22 euros.
  7. Yes congratulation to the team. @Engy, in my experience is not so difficult to make a migration, you must just follow the instruction inside th sql_upgrade directory, you must have the instruction to do that. But I recommend you to use the compare tool, and compare your default template with your template to include the different update. I am not expert in dev, but I appreciate this tool and it helps me a lot.
  8. Hello Wolf, This message say, :You must not install this module because the library is abandoned by sensiolab The connector creates an error inside your administration
  9. Go to github and upload the module or apps. Look the menu above in the ClicShopping section, you will find the link
  10. Hello @Hernesto, Got to tools menu and extension/update. Choose Products description in the dropdown and official add on Now you can install that you want.
  11. Hello , What do you want to make with that ?
  12. Hello, If you do not delete your apps; no problem you can do all that you want.
  13. Nice I like, I hope we can test on the demo quickly.
  14. Yes but it's beta 1 version, lot of thing must be improved but yes it's a major version, lot of work to update my website when the 3 will be out.
  15. Hello Catalina, It's included inside the solution. There the different sitemap you can use for the blog, you need the apps https://www.xxxxxxxx.com/index.php?Sitemap&GoogleSitemapProductsSitemap https://www.xxxxxxxx.com/index.php?Sitemap&GoogleSitemapPageManagerSitemap https://www.xxxxxxxx.com/index.php?Sitemap&GoogleSitemapSpecialsSitemap https://www.xxxxxxxx.com/index.php?Sitemap&GoogleSitemapManufacturersSitemap https://www.xxxxxxxx.com/index.php?Sitemap&GoogleSitemapBlogContentInconnu https://www.xxxxxxxx.com/index.php?Sitemap&GoogleSitemapBlogCategoriesInconnu https://www.xxxxxxxx.com/index.php?Sitemap&GoogleSitemapCategoriesSitemap https://www.xxxxxxxx.com/index.php?Sitemap&GoogleSitemapIndex
  16. Not enough knowledge for me ☹️, But it's good for the future 👍
  17. Hello ClicShopping, Just a question, do you make other version before php 8 ? i am curious because I saw on Github some development.
  18. There are some articles on internet with some advices. It's a work to make something good.
  19. Please, thank you to respect the work of the others, It will be cool of you. It's nice to have some tutorial on this site. You will not see that on the other website. I just tried to help you.
  20. Hello AlwaysSkint do you see that ? (please next thread) https://www.clicshopping.org/forum/topic/294-how-to-install-clicshopping-v3/?tab=comments#comment-872
  21. Hello Tempo, No idea, my hoster do not propose me this function. Is it on live now ?
  22. Is it a topic for installation. Just, I am on OVH, very simple to install no pb but if I remember, in the pas someone try to install the solution but he do not arrive. As Foster said, depend of the server config.
  23. Hello @Rantanplan, I just look the app description : https://www.clicshopping.org/forum/files/file/33-apps-tools-export-price-comparator/ Yes you can, it's wrote inside the description
  24. Hello Eolia, Look this post you will have a first answer : https://www.clicshopping.org/forum/topic/1214-ebay-integration/ After if you want something more automated, not sure there is something like that
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