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  1. Hello, I don't know what's happen, for moment, I have no problem to upload an image but today I tried several time to upload some image and it's does'nt work. Do you have any idea about that ?
  2. @Arcadia You have right, the problem come from the image size and dimension.
  3. Julie

    How to delete a sub categorie

    Hello, Product and categories are different, That's why you can maybe lost. Go to your categories, and select inside the dropdown. After you can delete the categories.
  4. Hello, I would to include a new Sitemap, Someone can help me for the process ? Thank you
  5. Julie

    Include new Sitemap

    Ok, thank you @Manupichu
  6. Hello @Tempo , Every module has this own css, identify the module and you will find inside the css directory the good css to change.
  7. I made some update without problem. Just if you change something inside the template can be a problem. The solution for that is to create a new template and copy the files than you want to change inside.
  8. Hello, Maybe you can look also if the directory images is in 777.
  9. Julie

    Paypal express

    Welcome Tempo, Look in your back end / tools / Extension and community/ You will found paypal express I think.
  10. Julie

    ClicShopping Error

    Hello Josephine Look this file :in the OM directory : ErrorHandler.php change these elements by true ini_set('display_errors', true); ini_set('html_errors', true); ini_set('ignore_repeated_errors', true);
  11. Julie

    Dedicated server, interesting ?

    Me too, I prefer to be on linux, php / mysql is more adapted under linux than microsoft. But I think microsoft make some effort to be better
  12. Julie

    VPS Linux or Windows

    I am on shared hosting, it works well with ClicShopping and It does'nt take lot of charge. That's a very good point.
  13. Julie

    Duplicate content

    @Josephine, welcome ! Thank you, interesting.
  14. Julie

    Duplicate content

    Hello, Personally I use positeo.com/check-duplicate-content/ and http://www.plagium.com/. Positeo is a bit limited in terms of the number of words (150-170 max) but remains a very good tool is tool. Plagium is also interesting but it is still paying. I recommend you use both. .
  15. Julie

    Language Update

    Hello Manupichu Welcome. You can change the language via your administration. Go to Tools / Editors. Do not forget, if you delete all the languages, all modifications will be deleted. Good news, you can do that, for only one language.
  16. Hello, I would know if there is an impact if I remove the quantity fields in products new index page ? Tk
  17. Julie

    Remove Products Quantity inside index page

    @Patrick yes good idea. I 'am trying to find a good presentation for me.
  18. Julie

    Boxe or not boxe on the index Page

    Yes, I agree, I think the best user experience is the best approach for the reputation but also for the customer.
  19. Julie

    How to add a new element for the grdp

    Thank @Patrick, That's mean you can develop a specific module/apps and you can insert a grpd hooks in funcion the module/apps ?
  20. Julie

    Pertinent tool to analyze the seo

    I love this tool and the guy is too cool https://answerthepublic.com
  21. Julie

    Boxe or not boxe on the index Page

    Yes, I agree with @Patrick for the order funel. I think also the account creation must be also in the same orientation. After for all the pages, it depend what do you want and what is pertinent for the customer
  22. Hello, I would make a link on specific page like special for example. How to do that ?
  23. Do you know if there is an product tab application for the product description ?
  24. Hello Bertrand, I have been the same problem and I found. Inside you configuration menu, you have a setting to that. You can change some information about the message than you want to send to the customer. Go to Configuration / other / template email
  25. Julie

    Looking products tab

    Ok I found, If I understand the module, we must insert a tag called <tabcatalog>My tab</tabcatalog> to by used correctly. How to add other module inside the tab ?

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