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  1. For me, if you do not use the state dropdown, you have a field and the customer can write or not something inside. If it write and the system make an error, it will try another time, and if it's do not work, he will stop the process. Yes I agrre with that, important to make the subscription very easily.
  2. @griffou, Agree, important to make a little example, after it 's more simple to integrate inside ClicShopping via the width bootstrap option, sort order and the float option available inside the module Maybe in function a little modification inside the css.
  3. @BertrandD, I do no think because you this line inside your example : ECOMMERCE FUNCTIONALITY : Cost: $500 to $5,000 (initial investment) It can be included to upgrade the solution. BUt if your do not find a solution, you must invest to take a programmer
  4. Drack

    Curl inside the code

    Just an example found inside the paypal module public function makeApiCall($url, $parameters = null, array $headers = null) { $server = parse_url($url); $p = ['url' => $url, 'parameters' => $parameters, 'headers' => $headers ]; if ((substr($server['host'], -10) == 'paypal.com')) { $p['cafile'] = CLICSHOPPING::BASE_DIR . 'Apps/Payment/PayPal/work/paypal.com.crt'; } return HTTP::getResponse($p); } $p must be inside an array with these elements : $parameters url, headers, parameters, method, verify_ssl, cafile, certificate, proxy
  5. Drack

    Curl inside the code

    Hello @Alice, Curl is now managed by GuzzleClient, inside HTTP you have 2 functions HTTP::getResponse() and HTTP:setResponseCode() If you do not want to use this approach, you can make the traditionnal CURL code.
  6. ok find th solution I think, Inside this : email_welcome = We thank you for confidence that you us testified by recording you like new customer on site {{store_name}}. we have well took into account your request of inscription for the opening of an office account near our network.<br /> you will receive an email notifying the creation of your account, after validation of your request by our service customers, with the whole of information allowing you to connect and carry out your purchases on {{store_name}}<br /><br /> you will be able under privileged customer to then profit from exceptional prices on the whole of our articles by connecting you on your space customer of {{store_name}}. <br /> for any help on our services, do not hesitate with to contact our support: {{store_owner_email_address}} In : ClicShopping\Sites\Shop\Pages\Account\Actions\CreatePro and process.php you have that : (line 537 and 566) $template_email_welcome_catalog = CLICSHOPPING::getDef('email_welcome'); replace by $template_email_welcome_catalog = CLICSHOPPING::getDef('email_welcome', ['store_name' => STORE_NAME, 'store_owner_email_address' => STORE_OWNER_EMAIL_ADDRESS]); reset the language and try. If yes, like I think @ClicShopping look often the forum, it can make a little update on the github
  7. Do you make that ? tools / Editors / Define language and reset the language or you can remove the cache /Work/Cache/ all the languages definition
  8. Oups, It seems I read your post to fast. Ok it's create_account_pro. It seems to miss a define : add for every language : example for english admin_email_subject = New Customer registrer on {{store_name}} - Create account Pro Go to your admin tools / Editors / Define language and reset the language Tell me if it's correct.
  9. hello @Miguel Ventura, Look a little the problem, ClicShopping\Sites\Shop\Pages\Account\Actions\Create and process.php you have : (supprose you want receive an information when the customer create an account) if (EMAIL_INFORMA_ACCOUNT_ADMIN == 'true') { $email_subject_admin = CLICSHOPPING::getDef('admin_email_subject', ['store_name' => STORE_NAME]); In english language there is a little duplication of admin_email_subject ==> Remove the last You must have only : admin_email_subject = New Customer registrer on {{store_name}} Go to your admin tools / Editors / Define language and reset the language Make a test to create a new account. Just a question : Your problem is only {{store_name}} or this is the email you do not receive correctly ?
  10. @Philman Some hoster company decided to block sendmail, in this case, you have no choice to use the smtp.
  11. No need development, go to Design / Configuration / Image and activate the option mage broken +
  12. Just for information there is an app (no free) available on the marketplace. I think it must be that. https://www.clicshopping.org/forum/files/file/33-apps-tools-export-price-comparator/
  13. Look this website. It's a complete tool analysis with little review: https://backlinko.com/seo-tools
  14. hello @Mona Congratulations on your launch in online sales! Do not hesitate to ask question, some people will be happy to help you
  15. I think it's not the time to make this if Apple has nt implement the webp inside thier browser and mobile. I think it's better to make a good optimization and resolution on the image (transparency or not) and wait when it will be implemented by Apple.
  16. Are you on a server (linux, windows) or local (linux, windows) ?
  17. Look this post. It will help you to create your caroussel : https://www.clicshopping.org/forum/topic/101-adding-footer-information-pages/ The difference is : you must insert your module inside the modules_header directory and little element Inisde the modules_header directory you have some example can help you or look the marketplace; Let me know if you have a problem to create this module.
  18. For me I think is to take time and read the documentation and the blog. I am sur you will find some response at your qestions
  19. I follow the different commit about ClicShopping. The latest commit introduce a system to use the composer. Coul you explain me how it works ?
  20. This is a simple approach to set Paypal. But it's very to start and after to make some other set. That's cool a video like that.
  21. Drack

    Alibaba template

    Yes it's interesting to have the capacities to make a new design without to touch nothing.
  22. Hello @ClicShopping, Thank you for this work. I will test this pre realease and make comments if I see something.
  23. Yes, I appreciate, this initiative is welcome and allow all people to win some time. It's a great work
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