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ClicShopping v3.2145

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Just a little notification to ell you the v3.2145 has been pushed.

A phpmailer library security has been reported on the phpmailer github website and ClicShopping has been hupdated

Other libraries have been updated also

Paypal has been removed and changed by Stripe

Some other little fix has been updated.


Thank you to the administrator for this work.

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Thank you for this update. Ii will push on my test s ite before to go in production.

@Catalina, If I read well the update, you have nothing to do.

If you want to upgrade your website, I recommend you to  test before on local for example if everything is correct

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First, thank you to administrator for the work @ClicShoppin to maintain the nice solution
I saw a new payment module Stripe inside the core, what's happen yith Paypal ?

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@Julie If I read well the update, you have nothing to do.


Not exactly, you must upload the files :)

It's better to install this update or make an update on your composer. The PhpMailer had  recently a security alert

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@Alice, this is a maintenance version. Just paypal has been removed (now on github) and stripe as new payment module.

If you use paypal, you will have nothing to do it must work correctly.


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