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Can I have comment on my website, please

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Hello @Juliana,


Nice work, it's very clear website, I just noted inside the product description a little problem, not so important about the design.

Also, 2 or 3 images seems to be not at the same size.


Congratulation for you big work.


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Nice work, clear and focus on the product.
- I saw you use the guest account, it's nice idea, All element can help the customer to choose this best way is welcome. I am not an expert but I appreciate this function.

- Maybe in shopping if you can display the shipping cost it can be good also.
- Same critics that the other

- Which shipping and payment do you use ?

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Hello @Juliana,


Thank you to share your work under ClicShopping.

It's nice site, clear, simple to use and we have information. The image are very good same on the pge we can found different size.

but it's very important and you have time to update.

I saw you have included guest check out, that's good. Some customer do not like to have a specific account.

The header is not perfect on the mobile, I think you can recode that.


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No, I use a different template, I follow the tutorial and explanation. After understanding, it's enough simple.

@Rainer, yes I make some little modification. Some image do not had the original same dimension.




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