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  1. Hello, I just realised my first module allowing to display a what's App button inside the products description. The reseller will receive a message with the products name, model and the the product link. It's available there : https://github.com/ClicShoppingV3Community/modules_products_info_whats_app Below the image
  2. Does it work the osCommerce Community Edition ?
  3. @Sky I made this mistake, depends what do you want exactly. Now I have a subdirectory called shop and I can make different introduction page page. Now it's a choice to use a subdirectory or not, but the advantage of the subdirectory, you can use different software like a blog, forum, cms ...
  4. Hi Iron, To do that, you must got in the page manager and you you create new page, choose in the dropbox the header menu and don't follow to fill the link. For example if it's internal link you can make a link like that : index.php?Info&SiteMap or index.php?products&Specials If it's external link use the https
  5. Hello, You can found the settings in Configuration / Mystore / Shipping & handling. note : your logo must be inside sources/images/logos/invoice
  6. Hello, Do you anay idea to display the fields inside the catalog. In module products description, I don't see nothing. Tk
  7. David6


    Nothing is invunerable, same if you use the numeric, or google captcha could work without problem. lot of website use this apporach and the customer can understand why. I found this (https://www.screenpages.com/blog/e-commerce-technology/dealing-with-bots-on-e-commerce-websites-with-captcha) on quickly search but you can find more information. e-commerce websites would use CAPTCHA to strengthen the security around the most sensitive account access points. Typical access points on an e-commerce website would include: Sign up for a new account or register Contact us Sign up for email newsletters Request a catalogue Login to make a purchase Get a quote What happens – if you are unprotected – is that your customer and email databases end up being mass-populated with spam email addresses: it is costly and time-consuming to weed these out.
  8. David6


    website : https://simplychocolate.dk/
  9. Hello Julie, Do you think to reset your language ? The language is wrote in cache directory inside Work/cache. if you change inside english directory, you must actualise your cache else you can change the language via the language tool available in the administration.
  10. David6

    Detect duplicate content

    I think, Positeo is a very powerful tool that we often use to check the duplication rate of our customer sites before launching our optimization processes. I recommend it!
  11. Yes you can via the page manager, select Information and in the dropdown, landing page.
  12. David6

    Apps et Modules Admin Installation

    I have the time to test the update, it's seems works better that the other. Tk you for your explanation @ClicShopping, it's appreciate.
  13. David6

    Apps et Modules Admin Installation

    Ok, I will try to install in manual.
  14. hello Iron, I found the solution inside the configuration Menu, Lore My Store, law and regulation. You can add some information and also display a checkbox about the acceptation.

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