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  1. Yes you can, the migration apps allow to migrate all oscommerce version. I suppose !!
  2. @Clémentine, You will find the apps there : https://www.clicshopping.org/forum/files/file/113-apps-tools-import-migration-data/ Note you can install it via the administration
  3. Patrick

    New product template

    @Snoopy media queries can solve the problem. @Drack nice work
  4. Patrick

    Add new element inside product new

    @Ronaldo Yes, you have right, some files can be overridden inside a new template. But all the modules must be also in the default template because the system read in first the default template and install the element in the bd.
  5. Patrick

    New member

    About the redirection, you can find some information. This article explains you this point and introduces the impact on the SEO : https://moz.com/learn/seo/redirection
  6. Info a little mistake : $shipping_weight = CLICSHOPPING_ProductsCommon->getProductsWeight();
  7. Hello @Snoopy If you look inside the administration Configuration, you a weight menu where can add different weight conversation. Now how to make that on the catalog ! Below the element can help you. This code allow you to convert all in Kg. $CLICSHOPPING_Weight = Registry::get('Weight'); $CLICSHOPPING_ProductsCommon = Registry::get('ProductsCommon'); $defaultUnitWeight = SHIPPING_WEIGHT_UNIT; // 2 in the default configuration KG shipping_weight = getProductsWeight // Take only the kg // gr to kg if ( $defaultUnitWeight == 1) { $weight = round($CLICSHOPPING_Weight->convert($shipping_weight, $defaultUnitWeight, 2), 3); } //Ounce to kg if ( $defaultUnitWeight == 3) { $weight = round($CLICSHOPPING_Weight->convert($shipping_weight, $defaultUnitWeight, 2), 3); } //Ounce to kg if ( $defaultUnitWeight == 4) { $weight = round($CLICSHOPPING_Weight->convert($shipping_weight, $defaultUnitWeight, 2), 3); } echo $weight;
  8. Patrick

    New member

    Yes you can and make after https://www.mydomain.com/install
  9. Patrick

    New member

    Yes, it's good to read a little when you start or test new software. It helps you to understand to make the best first action.
  10. Patrick

    New member

    Do you the documentation , it can help you to update ClicShopping but also to secure your application?
  11. Patrick

    Add new element inside product new

    As I understand, yes it's better, and you reduce the maintenance. But I want to say, if there an upgrade, your file can be impacted if there is inside the core an evolution. But it's the same for all software. I suppose we will have a note if something happens to let the time to take this in consideration.
  12. Patrick

    Webp does'nt work

    Hello, More and more browser take in consideration the webp. I make a test and it's not included inside the code, I see png, jpg, gif. @ClicShopping, Do you think yo include inside the core this extansion ?
  13. Patrick

    Webp does'nt work

    Ok, cool, Thank you.
  14. Patrick

    Add new element inside product new

    You have 2 choice 1 - Create a new template inside template_html directory and call after across the options 2 - Create a new products_new.php with your option and call your template if the first doesn't allow you to make what you want.
  15. Patrick

    Products new caroussel

    Hello @Julie , look this : https://www.clicshopping.org/forum/files/file/88-modules-header-bootstrap-caroussel/ maybe it can help you to create a new product template on the front page.
  16. No, you can't, just the test. If you want to use the html code, you must change the function.
  17. If you hoster allow you to use 587, it's better than 25. you can make test under gmail to see what's happen
  18. Patrick

    Request info on ClicShopping

    I can add something. You can install easily some application without knowledge. In your back office, you have a system allow to make that. and the upgrade is easy if you follow the best practices. The template and the core are separated, it's big advantage compared to some other solution like osCommerce.
  19. Patrick

    Where can I found a tuto develop an Apps

    @ClicShopping Thank you, it will be nice to develop a new application more quickly, the tuto seems to be simple to use.
  20. Patrick

    Where can I found a tuto develop an Apps

    Hello Drack Some information are available. You can look this. It will help you. Documentation : https://www.clicshopping.org/forum/forum/8-documentation/
  21. Hello, I am trying to create a modal boostrap inside the admin but every time I have the header and the footer. Do you know how to make without the header and the footer. Thank you
  22. Ok, thank you, I will look and if I have a problem, I will tell you.
  23. Patrick

    SEO tip and Tricks

    SEO is not now a simple knwoledge, it's became complex. This article for e-commerce is very good and it can help some shop owner to work and increase their rank. Nothing is simple today with all the tools, desktop, smartphone, IA like alexa.
  24. Patrick

    Pertinent tool to analyze the seo

    @JhonD I don't know these tools. Tk for the link.
  25. Patrick

    Problem with CSS

    Hello @Drack I think you must use a cache on your css with htaccess, look the htaccess ExpiresByType text/css "access plus 1 week" FilterProvider COMPRESS DEFLATE "%{Content_Type} = 'text/css'" If you have this, you must delete your browser cache and comment this line. For development, it's better to not use these elements.

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