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v 3.213 Pre-release How to mak upgrade for newbie

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It's not so difficult to make an upgrade. I look the update, there 2 sql update.
in first, go to your phpmyadmin and update the Db.
in second, just send the files in your server.

Do not forget it's a pre release, some modification can be made the last minute

For you it's good to make a test.

That's all.


My recommendation before that, do the update in your local server, If your have no problem, go in production.

About the module, it will have no problem.



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Thank you for your work.


I make in the past some upgrade,

The first it was not simple, but at the end, no problem if you follow the best pratices.

Just you must do be careful about the template. If you use the default template, take a tool like Beyong Compare and look the files.
if you have your own template, just push the files and update your template

I think this is the first part you must do.
Newbie to a newbie !


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v 3.213 is released, I started to use it and seems to work well on php 7.4 .

The feature on the table are interesting, also in stats, it's possible to download the data in different mode csv, json ..

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