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What are the main reason that the customer stop this order ?

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I think, there are several reasons why the visitors customer stop this order but it's my ideas and it's possible to have other


The site does not load fast enough
The site's design is neither ergonomic nor professional
Navigation is difficult

No content inside the product description

Site not secure for the customer

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No content inside the product description

or Content is too long, hard to read
The information is not relevant and does not help the visitor to make a purchase.
The site contains elements of irritating atmospheres, such as flash visuals or music
Images are too heavy and do not load
Lot of animation (carousel)


Could other problem to solve.

To complete the list.


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It can lot of reason for that. I think it's important to be at the same level than your customer and what they want and what they must buy on your website.

You can propose nice product but if the customer does not trust in your website, there is no way.

Do not forget, yesterday is not today. Some people have internet, has been some problem with some e-commerce website, service ...


In clear, your site must inspire the trust and you must build your reputation

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Hello @Mara,


look little about that. A summary I found :


1. Create relevant online consumer protection rules (GDPR)

2. Focus on personal data protection and security

3. Ready to develop a good relation with your customer, reactivity, Chat (why not), good support

4.Develop the reviews are very important

5.Allow the customer to rate your work.
6.Of course, website in SSL

7.Quality Website design


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I agree with @Alice, I focus my services on that when you have a small site and not on the top of the web, I think the customer will come back because he had a nice relation.

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If I understand the document, the reviews is very important to help the customer to make a deal.

But about the price, I think it's very important, I saw some site with a poor / medium design but with very good price, and seems to seel lot of.
I am not sure as it writes inside the article the design quality is very important for the consumers.

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