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Share you strategy to make sell !

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Like you know some event could be an opportunity to increase the sales.
Are you interesting to share your  approach ?
Specials, specific design, improve your adwords, reworks your internal link  ....

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First time I will test google adwords, but it 's now very expensive and I must see the ratio between the investment and the revenue.

After I will go on google shopping and other similar platforms

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it's not simple, the best is to use an approach like test A/B.

Maybe your investment will work with Facebook and not with Google.

You must test and analyze the statistics and conversion.

After you can make a decision about your approach.

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I agree with @Montkey.


It's difficult because when you have a little company, you can not be everywhere and you must manage your budget.

You have a product for the young people, Facebook will be the best.

You are a product for the old people, maybe to have a presence like le bonpoint (in France) could the best option.

In all case, it's important to know your customer and the provenance.


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If I can add to the conversation, if you go on Amazon, it can be cool, but do you have the quantity to propose your product? 

What I am saying, It's important to choose the good orientation, the good investment and test your market.

In function of your result, you can adjust your goal.

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