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PHP 7.4 - report if you see a problem

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Just a little note.

PHP 7.4 is out soon (end of this month)  and bring lot of new features or deprecated features.

I will start to stest ClicShopping under php 7.4 soon

If you see something report on Github (ClicShopping, Official and community) the error or the bug.
If you have time.

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A nice function apear inside php 7.4 : Preload : https://wiki.php.net/rfc/preload

It can increased the speed of the website, not a little . But the problem, every time you change something inside a file, you must restart the server because everything is push in memory.


Note : when I wil install php 7.4, I will make some test also !

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@Drack, thank you for this report, updated.
The ClicShopping Core seems to work fine with php 7.4, just the external libraries must be updated eventually, for that we must wait the developer to make the work.
If I see something, I will update the core.


There, the elements can put eventually a problem after a quick search (I do not say, you will have an error, more test must be again done) :
base on this information : https://www.php.net/manual/fr/migration74.deprecated.php


Using array_key_exists() on objects (some external libraries) ¶

Magic quotes functions  (ckeditor) ==> no impact



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The performance is better that 7.3x but you must have all your applications must work with php 7.4.

You must be care full, after ClicShopping seems works fine with 7.4.

Of course, you must download and update your application with the latest commit.

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