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Do you send newsletters to your clients?

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Good morning all :)

I am asking you today to know your habits in terms of newsletters?

I do not send it but I think it's wrong. However, if you do it, you have to do it in the rules of the art. Not to mention the content (title of the newsletter, body with name, first name etc), technically, it must be able to send emails en masse.

You can decide to use your own server or use gateways, mail routers. In my opinion it is preferable because it would be a pity to be roasted by the providers of email addresses and appear in blacklists, thus directing your precious emails (all) in SPAM folders!

How do you manage your newsletters?

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I'm doing a lot of mailing.

I use Mailchimp, which I can not recommend (but I have no action at home!).

After all, it's all about targeting, content and frequency!

The mailing, it works, but must do it properly! (like everything!)

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The main problem (at least for me) is to make a nice newsletter.

Certainly one can always go through a business to do that, but after that profitability.

In short, if you have good plans to do, do not hesitate.

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We must also distinguish:
- newsletter: that is to say a regular mailing of a digital magazine (basically a web page) to its own list of contacts.
- emailing: a commercial mailing to a list, either his own or that proposed by a provider.

I once tried a provider, sending a message.
I've been disappointed.
What's funny is that he added my email to his list, so I received my own message, but in spam, and more impossible to open (empty content).

So, if I trust a provider in the future, he will have to prove to me that he is a professional.

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For my part, I'm doing this quite recently.

I go through a provider to create and transform it into html. (more for lack of time and to have a pro newsletter). Design is very important

The problem is that for the moment, I have a base optin but not targeted, Indeed a promo on football for a guy who is rugby or tennis he does not care. Suddenly on the new commercial site to come with ClicShopping,  I will sectorize my bases by sport.

I used Mailkitchen, not bad but my open rate has only decreased mailing in mailing, but I will also test mailjet for the future with a dedicated ip.
I really miss practice at this level.

I did some tests on the time of sending, the subject or the sender, but I have not enough mailing sent to really know.
I did not do A / B test.

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For me I do want use the intern newsletter. Lot of client can have an obsolete email and the blacklist is not far.

The best and if it's exist is to have a tool allow to check all the email before to send the mail.

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