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  1. Ok thank you for your help. Ok, To start I will make that in manual, after, I looking the apps tracking, seems good and possible to include new tracking url. I will see
  2. Hello everyone, How can I create an order tracking page for the customers ?
  3. what are the advantages and the negative points? I am hesiting to include my products on the platform.
  4. Hello, I am not specialist but on the blog you have 2 articles. Do you read it ? https://www.clicshopping.org/forum/blogs/blog/2-e-commerce-general/ Just I know you must allow your customers to let a choice about different element like google analytics or make other things on the website like delete the account.
  5. Hello, I am on OVH and everything works fine for me for long time. Just t important to have the good plan and to be not limited, example to have 2 db, is a minimum.
  6. Tahnk you @Maxime, Can be interesting for all companies want to show where they re located.
  7. Agree if you have lot of order, the apps can be interesting.
  8. Hello @Rotana, Sincerely, I don't know, the advantage with the demo, you have some example and it can help you to build your site, disadvantage, you must remove all the data. If you are a newbie, it's better to start with this approach else to take this other configuration. it's a choice.
  9. Hello, I found a comparison there is a moment. There the information but it must be confirmed. With so many PayPal options, it is difficult to know which to use. NAME COST CUSTOMER STAY ON SIE VIRTUAL TERMINAL Paypal Standard (or IPN): per item No No Paypal Exress: per item No No Paypal Advanced: per item plus $5/month Yes No Paypal Pro: per item plus $30/month Yes Yes For all of the modules, you may be able to negotiate a better rate if you talk to Paypal.
  10. Could you explain how to make a test a/b ?
  11. Yes, it's us to work Now! Yes @Laela, you have right. Thousand thank you @ClicShopping
  12. @Mathias, Just I can tell you, I have installed my server on OVH, and the system works fine. I took a basic plan, the first plan that OVH sells and very cheap.
  13. Just a question, If a customer decides to stop to receive the newsletter. What's the process to make ? Inside ClicShopping, it's easy, the customer can change in this account But with an external tool, it's different because there is no synchronisation with ClicShopping.
  14. Do you need consent to send unsolicited marketing material to your customers after GDPR? YES! But most marketing company's will tell you "Not necessarily". Becarefull of that, you can have trouble with the GDPR
  15. Josephine

    Paypal fees

    Hi, I have not installed the new paypal app yet. But was wondering if there is (paypal standard) option to add/set a paypal fee in it. Or do i have to use the old paypal fee module of paypal ipn.
  16. @Drack thank for this example. I don't know where on the forum, there some information can be included inside the template.
  17. Ok, thank you @Julie, it was the solution.
  18. Hello, I would know how to display the error on the shop for the development. Currently, I can see in Admin the error.
  19. Hello, I think the best way to have no duplicate content is : 1 - Create original product descriptions 2 - Create unique Title and Meta tags 3 - Care exactly in the list of products 4- Create canonical URLs and not index all the pages of your ecommerce site 5- Make 301 redirects in case of site redesign 6. Use duplicate content measurement tools Some tools : PlagSpotter, to locate online pages that copy your content. You can also use Copyscape, a reference tool. Webconfs, which determines the similarity rate between two content already online. You can also use the Duplicatecontent tool. Web SEO Analytics, which calculates a duplication rate between the content of two URLs. Positeo, which allows among other things to check the duplicate rate of offline content (which has not yet been published on the internet). Plagiarisma allows the thing. DupeCop, which allows to compare the duplicate between several offline texts. Siteliner, which allows to know the internal duplicate rate on your site.
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