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demo.clicshopping.org is not which is at master of GitHub.com

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I am pulling my hair because some differences of details in lines of codes. Some of them:


( Default theme only. Other themes: I don't know )


- Register link at demo https://demo.clicshopping.org/demo/index.php/Account/Login 

but source code from GitHub.com version 3.21111 http://mysite/shop/index.php/Account&LogIn


and some other links in demo Abc/Xyz but in source code Abc&Xyz . E.g.: index.php/Search&AdvancedSearch 

So, why slash or and


- index.php/Account/LogIn in demo below login form is 2 register forms while source code index.php/Account&LogIn  is 1 form only.


- How to change breadcrumb Index » ClicShopping » Favorites to ClicShopping » Favorites : my shop in homepage so, Index in breadcrumb with "Index" is an abundance.


- When we hover mouse on menu items in Admin, the page in background (lower layer) always flicker: it makes me funny & mad :D


- How to change image directory (container of images are uploaded)? If we put them in sources, when upgrading we must be very carefully or destroying all images with some rm commands.


I want ClicShopping has a stable version soon and will test carefully and report errors. Now, I think it is not enough for production now.


Sorry for many questions!


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The default theme is the same for all version, after the template made is to help you to make you own more easily or to create your own module.


Do you activate the rewrite SEO  in Configuration/Store ?

Without SEO :  http://mysite/shop/index.php?Account&LogIn

With SEO  : http://mysite/shop/index.php/Account&LogIn

demo with seo : 
https://demo.clicshopping.org/demo/index.php/Search/AdvancedSearch ==> correct no ?




- index.php/Account/LogIn in demo below login form is 2 register forms while source code index.php/Account&LogIn  is 1 form only.

==> 2 because there is one for customer in B2C and 1 with B2B, the approach is different, depending what you want exactly.

You can remove one if you want. (if I understand your question)

==> If you do not litke this, you can create your own login form if you want.


How to change breadcrumb Index » ClicShopping » Favorites to ClicShopping » Favorites : my shop in homepage so, Index in breadcrumb with "Index" is an abundance.

Look the files in ClicShopping/Service/Shop/Breadcrumb and comment  (choose your line) this

$CLICSHOPPING_Breadcrumb->add ....


For the catalog image

I do not understand your question, You have not use rm command, if you do that you can erase all the website if you are in the root ? 


Note :
ClicShopping evolve day to day with minor version if bugs are discover.
The system allow you to upgrade without to change anything inside the code if you follow the best pratice.
Do not change classe : use the Custom Directory, u se Hooks, create new template, new module

 think it is not enough for production now ==>I  think you do not very well the solution, take time. 


I hope this explanation is not to complicate.

Look the documentation : https://www.clicshopping.org/forum/forum/8-documentation/

Best pratice : https://www.clicshopping.org/forum/forum/18-best-pratices-tip-trips-and-training/

blog : https://www.clicshopping.org/forum/blogs/blog/3-clicshopping/





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@Patricks describe well what you must make and also take time to learn and test.


About the demo and master, the demo show you how to use different themes but the default is the same than you have on Github, after you can change some setting inside modules ou default configuration or apps.


For the demo, I just created a specific theme and put just the file need to be change but you also can create your own module and call your own template.


Note, the default template is the "referent" for the files, if you create a new template with new module and change after in other template without this module, errors can appear. You can resolve that if you bring you new module inside the default template.

The new template override just the files in the default template. Limit all the css must copied in the new template



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10 hours ago, Patrick said:

Do you activate the rewrite SEO  in Configuration/Store ?

Without SEO :  http://mysite/shop/index.php?Account&LogIn

With SEO  : http://mysite/shop/index.php/Account&LogIn

I agree with you what you said but the above is not what I meant. I mean:


In demo: http://mysite/shop/index.php?Account/LogIn (Account and Login are WHAT - I don't know)

GitHub:   http://mysite/shop/index.php?Account&LogIn (Account and Login are parameters of GET) 

It is NOT relative to SEO.


I appreciate your patience.

Thank you very much! 

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No pb, all people here try to help you and happy to do that. 

But, I think you must more moderate and possible give explanation in details if you see a specific problem.

ClicShopping is a young software and can make progress. 
I think @ClicShopping will appreciate feedback, bugs .. can be found and resolved eventually a proposition of solution.

http://mysite/shop/index.php?Account&Login : Yes not SEO, but it's the basic mode before you activate the SEO after all is correct.
(Account and Login are parameters of GET)  ==> could you explain, give code because I do not follow you. Depending of the action it could be a get or post with sanitize on action

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Oh. Chit-chat in a forum is a tough job. We cost much time to understand each others.


I want to ask that "If you must have typing (not copy & paste) URL into web browser address bar, you will type?" (Choose: 1. index.php?Account&Login OR 2. index.php?Account/Login . These phrases is diferrence one character only as below:



Which works? In demo.clicshopping.org , I see "/" . But I get code from https://github.com/ClicShopping/ClicShopping_V3 , after installing, it "&". So, I think that source code and demo is not a same version.

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16 hours ago, Julie said:

I check and I no problem with the link. Everything is correct.

I don't mean link has any error. I want to ask if you must type URL, you will type:



As first line or second line above? Both of them ? Or 1 works only?

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17 hours ago, Patrick said:

I can not reproduce your problem. Everything works fine.

What the link do you click to have this result  because the are 2 links, on in the header and one in the footer. All works fine.

Why 2 links for the same page? This is not a Parked Domain / Alias case :D

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