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  1. Why 2 links for the same page? This is not a Parked Domain / Alias case
  2. I don't mean link has any error. I want to ask if you must type URL, you will type: As first line or second line above? Both of them ? Or 1 works only?
  3. Oh. Chit-chat in a forum is a tough job. We cost much time to understand each others. I want to ask that "If you must have typing (not copy & paste) URL into web browser address bar, you will type?" (Choose: 1. index.php?Account&Login OR 2. index.php?Account/Login . These phrases is diferrence one character only as below: Which works? In demo.clicshopping.org , I see "/" . But I get code from https://github.com/ClicShopping/ClicShopping_V3 , after installing, it "&". So, I think that source code and demo is not a same version.
  4. I agree with you what you said but the above is not what I meant. I mean: In demo: http://mysite/shop/index.php?Account/LogIn (Account and Login are WHAT - I don't know) GitHub: http://mysite/shop/index.php?Account&LogIn (Account and Login are parameters of GET) It is NOT relative to SEO. I appreciate your patience. Thank you very much!
  5. I am pulling my hair because some differences of details in lines of codes. Some of them: ( Default theme only. Other themes: I don't know ) - Register link at demo https://demo.clicshopping.org/demo/index.php/Account/Login but source code from GitHub.com version 3.21111 http://mysite/shop/index.php/Account&LogIn and some other links in demo Abc/Xyz but in source code Abc&Xyz . E.g.: index.php/Search&AdvancedSearch So, why slash or and - index.php/Account/LogIn in demo below login form is 2 register forms while source code
  6. I think if an item listed in drop down menu, it must have a row associated with it in table to config/ edit. But the case had NO.
  7. I don't know how to display Apps Shipping , as below:
  8. So, B2B is for future? Not now? I am writing some codes to allow users to post their products.
  9. Hello everybody! Nice to meet you all. I am a very slim man (only 40kg). So, people call me "super thin" and my nick name superthin, surely I like open source softwares very much. But, I am not a coder/ programmer. Sometimes, I have to touch codes because I hate closed source softwares. In the past, I worked for an educational company, they bought a complex + complicated software. And I became an amateur tester, randomly. It's a painful memory....so that I cannot give up "touching PC keyboard". Sorry for my English! It is called... VinLish (Vietnamese English, NOT Vinglish
  10. I am using ClicShopping in testing environment. I need create a marketplace for farmers/ small manufacturers who sell their products. After installation, I register a profession account. After register, have no notes or notify on the screen (but there are some email). After logged in as Admin, I actived the professional account. I opened store page and logged in but I cannot find any features for professional account (I think it is same same multi-vendor),. I want to ask that is ClipShopping already for B2B Marketplace? Please help me!
  11. And if we have a breadcrumb will be very good.
  12. Every time I want to config/ setup an item, it cost me much time browsing many levels of menus. Many times, I cannot find what I need, I must drink some coffee to tweak my brain . I am dreaming of "Windows live search" in ClicShopping Why don't we create and Ajax Search to solve the problem? Reference https://github.com/iranianpep/ajax-live-search If nobody likes this, I will create mods by myself (while I am studying how to write a module).
  13. I don't know how we call it: ClicShopping_V3-master/shop/includes/ClicShopping/Apps/Catalog/Categories/Sites/ClicShoppingAdmin/Pages/Home/Actions/Configure/ Can ClicShopping restructure its codes? I have never seen any web app has long path like this. I wonder: > 7 levels - a clumsy architecture?
  14. If you want to try WEBP image, don't do the hard way. You should install https://www.modpagespeed.com for your site. That's all!
  15. Hooray! protected function removeVNeseAccents ($str){ $unicode = array( 'a'=>'á|à|ả|ã|ạ|ă|ắ|ặ|ằ|ẳ|ẵ|â|ấ|ầ|ẩ|ẫ|ậ', 'd'=>'đ', 'e'=>'é|è|ẻ|ẽ|ẹ|ê|ế|ề|ể|ễ|ệ', 'i'=>'í|ì|ỉ|ĩ|ị', 'o'=>'ó|ò|ỏ|õ|ọ|ô|ố|ồ|ổ|ỗ|ộ|ơ|ớ|ờ|ở|ỡ|ợ', 'u'=>'ú|ù|ủ|ũ|ụ|ư|ứ|ừ|ử|ữ|ự', 'y'=>'ý|ỳ|ỷ|ỹ|ỵ', 'A'=>'Á|À|Ả|Ã|Ạ|Ă|Ắ|Ặ|Ằ|Ẳ|Ẵ|Â|Ấ|Ầ|Ẩ|Ẫ|Ậ', 'D'=>'Đ', 'E'=>'É|È|Ẻ|Ẽ|Ẹ|Ê|Ế|Ề|Ể|Ễ|Ệ', 'I'=>'Í|Ì|Ỉ|Ĩ|Ị', 'O'=>'Ó|Ò|Ỏ|Õ|Ọ|Ô|Ố|Ồ|Ổ|Ỗ|Ộ|Ơ|Ớ|Ờ|Ở|Ỡ|Ợ', 'U'=>'Ú|Ù|
  16. Hahaha, thank you very much when pointing me exactly which function in "Mods" (game) I will borrow "strip special code" from WordPress to rewrite function getSkipAccents because PHP has never been a Unicode native language support. I don't know why? Many guys from Israel, Euro use English only? I am reading https://is.gd/F2BLnq
  17. How to get rid of "index.php?" or "index.php/ from URL? URL friendly with Unicode character (I imply Vietnamese characters) have problem, how to change code to resolve. Like this https://nongsankhanhhoa.vn/index.php/Sn-phm-t-nuoi-ong/cPath-30/language-vi . It should be https://nongsankhanhhoa.vn/index.php/San-pham-tu-nuoi-ong/cPath-30/language-vi
  18. How can I change Administrator Dashboard to Vietnamese language? In translating, I read some phrases and know that it belongs to back-end of ClicShopping or showing in Admin Dashboard, but I could not find how to switch Admin to use Vietnamese language. In profile of a user as Admin, have no option. What should I do?
  19. It seems to ClicShopping has a few developers? Many phrases in language translation is mixed English - French? What happened?
  20. Wrong Github URL, it must be https://github.com/ClicShoppingV3Community/template_grocery NOT https://github.com/ClicShoppingV3Community/template_alibaba
  21. I am learning to use Git. If have any bugs, I post to GitHub. Thank you very much!
  22. When accessing Configuration => Location & taxes => Zones to: 1. Toggle status a zone in list, if we move to a page (not page 1) and click tick icon, after status changed, list page wil be page 1. So, paging function has a problem. Check https://demo.clicshopping.org/demo_test/ClicShoppingAdmin835/index.php?A&Configuration\Zones&Zones&2page=2&cID=73 2. Type a country (such as France in search bar) to filter zones belong to this country, if there are more than 1 page, if you choose page 2, 3, etc,... it will not go to the page, it will load page
  23. This forum cannot attach files or images. So, I will upload to Google Drive and share a link. I sent you a PM.
  24. Yes. I edited some phrase, delete in Works/Cache as you suggested, I some Vietnamese display on home page. Yes. It is good. You can see here: https://imgur.com/a/za3F7XW And Tools => Editors: https://imgur.com/a/CFYifGZ Yes. Everything is OK. The problem is: relationship between myclicshopping/sources/languages/vietnamese/*.txt with menu Tools => Editors => DefineLanguage In other words, I want to know the right way (one way only will be the best) to create Vietnamese language for my site. And the languages (ar
  25. Should we install Composer to production hosting? Composer hogs RAM. So, a VPS has less than 4GB RAM cannot run Composer well. I will try Composer in my dev environment. What you mean "export"? What is the result of exporting actions? I don't have more knowledge of ClicShopping, but as I know exporting implies data aspects, not for hierarchical source codes/ directories.
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