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  1. Hello Sky, ClicShopping has a subdirectory called install and you delete this. In this case, do that ! https://www.mydomain.com/install and follow the process
  2. Julie


    Ok, tk, it's better to be covered
  3. Hello, I just see a new app about to fight the spam. Do you have any about the best configuration to use ?
  4. Julie


    website : https://theparfaitstand.com/
  5. Tk you for this update. Can I install via the administration ?
  6. Hello, I would know if you have the same problem, when I want install an app by the administration, I have for moment lot of item no in relation with the ClicShopping Apps. I retest another time and after it display the good information. Do you have this problem also ?
  7. Hello David6 No I don't reset the language inside the cache. I do that, reload the website and all seems to be ok. If I change the language inside the administration and if I reset all the language. Do I have again the element changed ?
  8. Hello, I changed inside english.txt some element but I don't see on the catalog the new text. Is it normal, Forget something ?
  9. hello, What do you think of this tool ? To detect the plageurs of site, here is a good url, very powerful, pity that it is paying, but it remains correct I find: hxxp: //www.plagium.com/ positeo is very good too, free, it will already be a pre control, do not forget to copy paste some of your text in the search engine of google, surrounded by quotation marks, it also very well to detect text thieves.
  10. Julie

    Apps et Modules Admin Installation

    I noted a bug for moment, the module research some application not in relation with the modules and create a rate limit. But after i come later I retest the approach it works perfectly (almost !). Do you have noted the problem ?
  11. @david6 Thank you, yes it's the process.
  12. hello, I could know if it's possible to create a landing page. I am developing some partnership and I would display a logo, but I don't want the customer to see this information.
  13. Julie

    Apps et Modules Admin Installation

    Yes it's work, I test more deep.
  14. Julie

    Apps et Modules Admin Installation

    I also will update by the administration, Let you know.
  15. I am interesting also !

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