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I may be some time. :-/

I've hosted/supported e-commerce software for more than 15 years but this is the most difficult one to get installed and running. There is no clear installation path/instructions and downright dangerous instructions. Permissions of 777 should NEVER, repeat NEVER be used, for example and is in fact impossible to use where suexec/suphp/PHP-FPM comes in to use.

Using the master.zip directly extracted on the server, installed to web root and with file/directory permissions set correctly to 644/755. Step 4 of installation present a blank (500 error) screen.


PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected 'string' (T_STRING), expecting function (T_FUNCTION) or const (T_CONST) in /home/clic/public_html/includes/ClicShopping/OM/CLICSHOPPING.php on line 28, referer: https://clic.xxxxserver.com/install/index.php

On a different server/control panel, I have managed to get something running but the admin is super slow = unusable.


BTW: Thanks for the support, guys.

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Maybe the software do not tun under your configuration, no problem. But for me I never had  a problem and I use different provider european and american.

Just for your information, if you want to write inside a file you need to change the permission in 777, no choice and after change in 4448 process install).


Your are no lucky with your experience, for me I have no problem.



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777 is fine for a 'server' hosted at home but is stupidly bad for any other situation. Trust me, I've been administering servers for over 30 years! When running under suexec/suphp/php-fpm php is run by the account user, whereby u+w is sufficient.


So far, I've tried installing under DirectAdmin and repeatedly under CentOSWebpanel (my preferred option for various reasons) but I can also try HestiaCP and WHM/cPanel.

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The file config do not stay in 777, but 444. After every hoster has a specific configuration and for moment a software can be simple to use, another with some difficulties.

For me, I tested ClicShopping under Ispconfig and Cpanel, ubuntu debian and there is no problem.

As mentionned, there, https://www.clicshopping.org/forum/technical-information/ - ClicShopping  - ClicShopping has been tested on these environment.



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Is it a topic for installation. Just, I am on OVH, very simple to install no pb but if I remember,  in the pas someone try to install the solution but  he do not arrive.

As Foster said, depend of the server config.


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19 minutes ago, Julie said:

Arrgh! A frackin' video! What's wrong with text? Guess I'll take a quick look (with the volume down) and see if there's any hidden gems. ;)

10 seconds, then realises a monkey could do that bit. :(

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