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    The marketplace allows you to buy or download a module. This service is made for that.
    By your contribution, you help the community to continue to help you on the forum and the ClicShopping Development.


    You also have lot of free modules than you can download by your admin or you can install in manual.

    Some modules are on Github.


    For the Buyers, you have 3 choices :
    - Buy a module with renewal terms (note : it's not mandatory to renew the terms but you will lost your advantage price and update)
    - Buy and download a module
    Download Free modules


    For sellers :

    - Just download your module. The app will be reviewed by a moderator

    - After verification, you will have full access at your module on the marketplace to update it.
    - All updates must contains all the files else the app will be not accepted



    More informations:


    Trademark License info : https://www.clicshopping.org/forum/trademark/

Sub Category  

- Only the creator of this module is responsible. For all maintenance, post a comment on the forum or see with the programmer

- For any problem please contact the person in charge of this module
- No refunds are accepted, except is there is serious non-functioning error detected. Please see with the module owner to resolve this problem

- No advertisement is allowed inside the apps excepts specific partnership

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