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Suggestion: quick search configuration items

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Every time I want to config/ setup an item, it cost me much time browsing many levels of menus. Many times, I cannot find what I need, I must drink some coffee to tweak my brain :D . I am dreaming of "Windows live search" in ClicShopping


Why don't we create and Ajax Search to solve the problem? Reference https://github.com/iranianpep/ajax-live-search


If nobody likes this, I will create mods by myself (while I am studying how to write a module).

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ClicShopping is a young solution, some improvment can again make, That's why some people can contribute, help, develop new module to increase the solution.

That's the goal.


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Hello @SuperThin,

If you create an ajax, (like suppliers for example in products), you must include your file in /ClicShoppingAdmin/Ajax 
i tell you that, because I searched a little time to find the good approach.

the apps are under .htacess, you can not call something like that inside apps, I think !

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Yes, it could something interesting, it's possible to win a little time. In other part, when you look a product, you know want to find, but it's possible to forget the categories where is is it.

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