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    Like you can see, the 3.12 is out. Some files have been updated or improved. the 3.12 has been out because they have a security fix on jquery. We have updated also some script. To update ClicShopping : If you have modified the template default directory, it's better to use a beyond compare If you use another template directory, you nothing to do except to compare you have modified files to see if there is an update or not. Have a good day
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    Hi everybody You will find inside the zip a folder called update in the root. Open it and include the DB modification. Before to make that, look inside your DB if you have not these fields. Else, if you have installed modules use the products table, you must make an update . The most impact is inside ClicShopping, I recommend you to make before your update, a copy of your version and make the upgrade. If you have o problem, it's cool, else you can make a comment here. About the modules (free and paid) header_menu :slimmenu, upcomming products header_tag : grdp, analytics, facebook pixel, twitter_card, apps : antispam, frontpage_specials, favorites, featured, image, manufacturer modules_products_info : also_purchased, products_related, reviews, download This is the most of apps and modules impacted by the update. Note : the paid modules will be updated today
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    Hello, I have just created a new product new template. The approach is very basic and you can if you want to include some features inside like flash discount, qty, stock ... How it works, Inside directory template_html, create new files like template_boostrap_simple.php and insert this code below. You can copy this files in other template directory if you want to have a new design. I take the orginal design, but if you want to change the css parameters, It's better to create a new css. what do you think ? <?php /** * * @copyright 2008 - https://www.clicshopping.org * @Brand : ClicShopping(Tm) at Inpi all right Reserved * @Licence GPL 2 & MIT * @licence MIT - Portion of osCommerce 2.4 * @Info : https://www.clicshopping.org/forum/trademark/ * */ use ClicShopping\OM\CLICSHOPPING; ?> <div class="col-md-<?php echo $bootstrap_column; ?> col-md-<?php echo $bootstrap_column; ?>"> <div class="card-deck-wrapper" itemprop="itemListElement" itemscope="" itemtype="https://schema.org/Product"> <div class="card-deck"> <div class="card card-footer"> <div> <div class="col-md-6 float-md-left"> <div class="ModulesFrontPageBoostrapColumn6Image"> <?php echo $products_image; ?></div> </div> <div class="col-md-6 float-md-right"> <div class="ModulesFrontPageBoostrapColumn6Title"><h3><a href="<?php echo $products_name_url; ?> "><?php echo $products_name; ?></a></h3></div> <div class="separator"></div> <div class="separator"></div> </div> </div> <div class="separator"></div> <div class="hr"></div> <div> <ul class="list-inline"> <div class="ModulesFrontPageBoostrapColumn6TextPrice" itemprop="offers" itemscope itemtype="https://schema.org/Offer"><?php echo CLICSHOPPING::getDef('text_price') . ' ' . $product_price; ?></div> </ul> </div> </div> </div> <div class="separator"></div> </div> </div> the result :
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    @Patrick, Yes and no, some elements have been updated but with jquery fix, it was better to make an update.
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    Yes it look nice. It enough easy to make another one : Take this file IndexDashboardTopStockWarning and rename it : IndexDashboardTopTest Change inside the class and the request The file will be like this ! ........... must be removed and adapted at your needs. <?php /** * * @copyright 2008 - https://www.clicshopping.org * @Brand : ClicShopping(Tm) at Inpi all right Reserved * @Licence GPL 2 & MIT * @licence MIT - Portion of osCommerce 2.4 * @Info : https://www.clicshopping.org/forum/trademark/ * */ namespace ClicShopping\OM\Module\Hooks\ClicShoppingAdmin\Dashboard; use ClicShopping\OM\CLICSHOPPING; use ClicShopping\OM\Registry; use ClicShopping\OM\HTML; class IndexDashboardTopTest { protected $db; public function __construct() { if (CLICSHOPPING::getSite() != 'ClicShoppingAdmin') { CLICSHOPPING::redirect(); } $this->db = Registry::get('Db'); } public function execute() { $Qproducts = $this->db->prepare('select count(*) as count from :table_products where .......... '); $Qproducts->execute(); $number_products_test = $Qproducts->valueInt('count'); if ($number_products_test > 0) { $text = CLICSHOPPING::getDef('text_number_products_........'); $text_view = CLICSHOPPING::getDef('text_view'); $output = ' <div style="padding-right:0.5rem; padding-top:0.5rem"> <div class="card bg-warning"> <div class="card-body"> <div class="row"> <h5 class="card-title text-white"><i class="fas fa-bell-slash" aria-hidden="true"></i> ' . $text . '</h5> </div> <div class="col-md-12"> <span h5 class="text-white">' . $number_products_test . '</span> <span><small class="text-white">' . HTML::link(CLICSHOPPING::link(null, 'A&...........'), $text_view, 'class="text-white"') . '</small></span> </div> </div> </div> </div> ';
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    An example : $CLICSHOPPING_ProductsLength->convert($products_dimension_depth, $products_length_class_id, 2) In this case, all the products_dimension_depth will be converted in cm. You can also use the default unit (can be defined in configuration store)
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    Hello @Patrick, The product length has been introduced because some shipping module takes the length (ups, postcanada, boxtal, fedex ..) You can define different length in function your need. When you create a new shipping app, you can convert the length in function of characteristics of the service. For example, in France, we use the cm but in USA, this is the inch. If you have your length in cm, you can convert automatically in inch . Some others updates resolve bug fix.
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    @Victorious, I will help you, it's very simple to make a new file. You mus create 6 files modules_footer/fo_footer_my_template.php modules_footer/content/fo_footer_my_template.php language/english/modules/modules_footer/fo_footer_my_template.php language/french/modules/modules_footer/fo_footer_my_template.php css/english/modules/modules_footer/fo_footer_my_template.php css/french/modules/modules_footer/fo_footer_my_template.php (if it used) Below an example, make that quickly, it can have litle error inside the files. The most important files (after you can make the other) modules_footer/fo_footer_my_template.php <?php /** * * @copyright 2008 - https://www.clicshopping.org * @Brand : ClicShopping(Tm) at Inpi all right Reserved * @Licence GPL 2 & MIT * @licence MIT - Portion of osCommerce 2.4 * @Info : https://www.clicshopping.org/forum/trademark/ * */ use ClicShopping\OM\Registry; use ClicShopping\OM\CLICSHOPPING; class fo_footer_my_template { public $code; public $group; public $title; public $description; public $sort_order; public $enabled = false; public $pages; protected $rewriteUrl; public function __construct() { $this->code = get_class($this); $this->group = basename(__DIR__); $this->title = CLICSHOPPING::getDef('module_footer_my_template_title'); $this->description = CLICSHOPPING::getDef('module_footer_my_template_description'); $this->rewriteUrl = Registry::get('RewriteUrl'); if ( defined('MODULES_FOOTER_MY_TEMPLATE_STATUS') ) { $this->sort_order = MODULES_FOOTER_MY_TEMPLATE_SORT_ORDER; $this->enabled = (MODULES_FOOTER_MY_TEMPLATE_STATUS == 'True'); $this->pages = MODULE_FOOTER_MY_TEMPLATE_DISPLAY_PAGES; } } public function execute() { $CLICSHOPPING_Template = Registry::get('Template'); $CLICSHOPPING_Customer = Registry::get('Customer'); $CLICSHOPPING_PageManagerShop = Registry::get('PageManagerShop'); $CLICSHOPPING_Db = Registry::get('Db'); if ( MODE_VENTE_PRIVEE == 'false' || (MODE_VENTE_PRIVEE == 'true' && $CLICSHOPPING_Customer->isLoggedOn() )) { // change pages_id = 55 by your id $Qpages = $CLICSHOPPING_Db->prepare('select pd.pages_title, p.links_target from :table_pages_manager p, :table_pages_manager_description pd where p.status = 1 and ( p.customers_group_id = :customers_group_id or p.customers_group_id = 99) and p.pages_id = pd.pages_id and p.pages_id = 55 '); $Qpages->bindInt(':customers_group_id', (int)$CLICSHOPPING_Customer->getCustomersGroupID() ); $Qpages->execute(); $content = HTML::link($this->rewriteUrl->getPageManagerContentUrl($Qpages->valueInt('pages_id')), $Qpages->value('pages_title'), 'target="' . $Qpages->value('links_target') . '"') $content_width = (int)MODULE_FOOTER_MY_TEMPLATE_CONTENT_WIDTH; $my_template_footer = '<!-- footer page manager start -->' . "\n"; ob_start(); require($CLICSHOPPING_Template->getTemplateModules($this->group . '/content/footer_my_template')); $my_template_footer .= ob_get_clean(); $my_template_footer .='<!-- footer page manager end -->' . "\n"; $CLICSHOPPING_Template->addBlock($my_template_footer, $this->group); } } public function isEnabled() { return $this->enabled; } public function check() { return defined('MODULES_FOOTER_MY_TEMPLATE_STATUS'); } public function install() { $CLICSHOPPING_Db = Registry::get('Db'); $CLICSHOPPING_Db->save('configuration', [ 'configuration_title' => 'Do you want activate this module ?', 'configuration_key' => 'MODULES_FOOTER_MY_TEMPLATE_STATUS', 'configuration_value' => 'True', 'configuration_description' => 'Do you want activate this module in your shop ?', 'configuration_group_id' => '6', 'sort_order' => '1', 'set_function' => 'clic_cfg_set_boolean_value(array(\'True\', \'False\'))', 'date_added' => 'now()' ] ); $CLICSHOPPING_Db->save('configuration', [ 'configuration_title' => 'Please select the width of the module', 'configuration_key' => 'MODULE_FOOTER_MY_TEMPLATE_CONTENT_WIDTH', 'configuration_value' => '12', 'configuration_description' => 'Select a number between 1 and 12', 'configuration_group_id' => '6', 'sort_order' => '1', 'set_function' => 'clic_cfg_set_content_module_width_pull_down', 'date_added' => 'now()' ] ); $CLICSHOPPING_Db->save('configuration', [ 'configuration_title' => 'Sort order', 'configuration_key' => 'MODULES_FOOTER_MY_TEMPLATE_SORT_ORDER', 'configuration_value' => '10', 'configuration_description' => 'Sort order of display. Lowest is displayed first', 'configuration_group_id' => '6', 'sort_order' => '4', 'set_function' => '', 'date_added' => 'now()' ] ); $CLICSHOPPING_Db->save('configuration', [ 'configuration_title' => 'Indicate the page where the module is displayed', 'configuration_key' => 'MODULE_FOOTER_MY_TEMPLATE_DISPLAY_PAGES', 'configuration_value' => 'all', 'configuration_description' => 'Select the page where the module is displayed.', 'configuration_group_id' => '6', 'sort_order' => '5', 'set_function' => 'clic_cfg_set_select_pages_list', 'date_added' => 'now()' ] ); } public function remove() { return Registry::get('Db')->exec('delete from :table_configuration where configuration_key in ("' . implode('", "', $this->keys()) . '")'); } public function keys() { return ['MODULES_FOOTER_MY_TEMPLATE_STATUS', 'MODULE_FOOTER_MY_TEMPLATE_CONTENT_WIDTH', 'MODULES_FOOTER_MY_TEMPLATE_SORT_ORDER', 'MODULE_FOOTER_MY_TEMPLATE_DISPLAY_PAGES' ]; } } modules_footer/content/footer_my_template.php <div class="col-md-<?php echo $content_width; ?> moduleFooterMyTemplater"> <span class="moduleFooterMyTemplate"> <span class="footerMyTemplate"><?php echo $content; ?></span> </span> </div>
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    Thank you @Patrick, I will write a tuto about the Apps during the week. I think it's better for people does not have some knowledge and want to try to create an App.
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    There an example : You can see a status there : http://localhost/shop/ClicShoppingAdmin/index.php?A&Configuration\Modules&Configure look the Module directory :Apps/Configuration/Modules/Module/ClicShoppingAdmin/Config/MO/Params 2/ Inside you can see a status files, copy and paste inside the same directory. Change the filename : status_stats_products.php for example You can have something like this : <?php /** * * @copyright 2008 - https://www.clicshopping.org * @Brand : ClicShopping(Tm) at Inpi all right Reserved * @Licence GPL 2 & MIT * @licence MIT - Portion of osCommerce 2.4 * @Info : https://www.clicshopping.org/forum/trademark/ * */ namespace ClicShopping\Apps\Configuration\Modules\Module\ClicShoppingAdmin\Config\MO\Params; use ClicShopping\OM\HTML; class status_stats_products extends \ClicShopping\Apps\Configuration\Modules\Module\ClicShoppingAdmin\Config\ConfigParamAbstract { public $default = 'True'; public $sort_order = 10; protected function init() { $this->title = $this->app->getDef('cfg_products_modules_status_stats_products_title'); $this->description = $this->app->getDef('cfg_products_modules_status_stats_products_description'); } public function getInputField() { $value = $this->getInputValue(); $input = HTML::radioField($this->key, 'True', $value, 'id="' . $this->key . '1" autocomplete="off"') . $this->app->getDef('cfg_products_modules_status_true') . ' '; $input .= HTML::radioField($this->key, 'False', $value, 'id="' . $this->key . '2" autocomplete="off"') . $this->app->getDef('cfg_products_modules_status_false'); return $input; } } 2/ Now don't forget to reate the files inside your language directory 3/ Now actualize your page, a new configuration is added inside the configuration database : CLICSHOPPING_APP_MODULES_MO_STATUS_STATS_PRODUCTS 4/ now go in this directory : Includes/Module/Hooks/ClicShoppingAdmin/Dashboard Edit your hooks stats_products .php for example and add after : function execute() this : if (!defined('CLICSHOPPING_APP_MODULES_MO_STATUS_STATS_PRODUCTS') || CLICSHOPPING_APP_MODULES_MO_STATUS_STATS_PRODUCTS == 'False') { return false; } Now you can control your hook and display the information or not.
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    @Patrick Yes, I make an update, it's now included inside the core.
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    @Drack @Patrick You can find like promise a tuto about the app creation. I make something for beginner https://www.clicshopping.org/forum/topic/66-hw-to-create-a-new-apps-quickly/
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    Hello @Patrick You have some example inside the administration, look this file : The most important is to use this syntax : Without nothing ClicShopping\Apps\Marketing\SEO\Sites\Shop\Pages\GoogleSitemap\Actions\GoogleSitemapSpecials.php protected $use_site_template = false; For modal ClicShopping\Apps\Catalog\Suppliers\Sites\ClicShoppingAdmin\Pages\Home\Action\SuppliersPopUp.php $this->page->setUseSiteTemplate(false); //don't display Header / Footer
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    @Grimoire, It's could be better if you can include a code to create automatically the new field inside the database. you can include this in your code (in AccountGdprSms) private static function installNewField() { $CLICSHOPPING_Db = Registry::get('Db'); $Qcheck = $CLICSHOPPING_Db->query("show columns from :table_account_grpd 'no_sms'"); $check = $Qcheck->fetch(); if ($check === false) { $sql = <<<EOD ALTER TABLE :table_account_grpd ADD no_sms tynint(1) NULL AFTER no_ip_address; EOD; $CLICSHOPPING_Db->exec($sql); } } and write inside display() function this code static::installNewField() It must work.
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    Hello, Could you help me to create a new GRPD hooks, It's in relation with this post https://www.clicshopping.org/forum/topic/98-adverttisement-sms/?tab=comments#comment-308 If I understand well I must create 2 files, One to display called AccountGdprSms and one AccountGdprDeleteSms. After I must create a new field inside customers_gdpr called no_sms Is like this AccountGdprSms namespace ClicShopping\OM\Module\Hooks\Shop\Account; use ClicShopping\OM\CLICSHOPPING; use ClicShopping\OM\Registry; use ClicShopping\OM\HTML; class AccountGdprNoIp { protected $sms; public function getSms() { $CLICSHOPPING_Db = Registry::get('Db'); $CLICSHOPPING_Customer = Registry::get('Customer'); $Qgdpr = $CLICSHOPPING_Db->prepare('select no_sms from :table_customers_gdpr where customers_id = :customers_id '); $Qgdpr->bindInt(':customers_id', $CLICSHOPPING_Customer->getID()); $Qgdpr->execute(); $sms = $Qgdpr->valueInt('no_sms'); return $sms; } public function display() { $output = '<div>'; $output .= '<label class="checkbox-inline">'; $output .= HTML::checkboxField('no_sms', $this->getSms(), $this->getSms()); $output .= '</label>'; $output .= CLICSHOPPING::getDef('module_account_customers_gdpr_no_sms'); $output .= '</div>'; return $output; } } and for AccountGdprDeleteSms <?php /** * * @copyright 2008 - https://www.clicshopping.org * @Brand : ClicShopping(Tm) at Inpi all right Reserved * @Licence GPL 2 & MIT * @licence MIT - Portion of osCommerce 2.4 * @Info : https://www.clicshopping.org/forum/trademark/ * */ namespace ClicShopping\OM\Module\Hooks\Shop\Account; use ClicShopping\OM\CLICSHOPPING; use ClicShopping\OM\Registry; use ClicShopping\OM\HTML; class AccountGdprCallNoSms { public function execute() { $CLICSHOPPING_Db = Registry::get('Db'); $CLICSHOPPING_Customer = Registry::get('Customer'); $Qcheck = $CLICSHOPPING_Db->prepare('select customers_id, no_sms from :table_customers_gdpr where customers_id = :customers_id '); $Qcheck->bindInt(':customers_id', $CLICSHOPPING_Customer->getID()); $Qcheck->execute(); if ($Qcheck->fetch() === false) { $CLICSHOPPING_Db->save('customers_gdpr', ['customers_id' => $CLICSHOPPING_Customer->getID()]); } else { if (!is_null($_POST['no_sms'])) { $no_sms = 1; } else { $no_sms = 0; } $Qupdate = $CLICSHOPPING_Db->prepare('update :table_customers_gdpr set no_sms = :no_sms, customers_id = :customers_id '); $Qupdate->bindInt(':customers_id', $CLICSHOPPING_Customer->getID()); $Qupdate->bindInt(':no_sms', no_sms); $Qupdate->execute(); } } }
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    It seems to be becarefull of that. I recommend you to make a GRDP hooks to ask the permission at your customer to use their data for sms. With that, you have a protecttion and the customers can remove this option when they want.
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    @FrediKa, There an example. the process: edit fp_new_products.php rename in fp_my_file.php Inside replace fp_new_product by fp_my_file replace : front_page_new_products by front_page_my_file replace : FRONT_PAGE_NEW_PRODUCTS by FRONT_PAGE_MY_FILE eventually you can change the template directory : '/template_html/' . MODULE_FRONT_PAGE_NEW_PRODUCTS_TEMPLATE by '/template_html/' . MODULE_FRONT_PAGE_MY_TEMPLATE_DIRECTORY Do not forget to change the language Do not forget to change the css Now you are ready to implement your code. This is a short cut to help you how to make a new template_html with a template directory but you can use also the default template_html Now do not forget to include your new contribution inside the Default template and also in your new template directory. Like that you can change everything without to change anything inside the default template directory. Why you must include your new contribution in the Default directory and not only the new template directory ? It's the DB initialization is made by default inside the Default directory. Like all the module are overridden in function the Default Directory, you have no choice to include the new element inside the Default directory. It's the limitation. I hope it's not little too complex, but after one or to test, you will understand the process.
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    Hello @McJordadino, look this module : https://www.clicshopping.org/forum/files/file/124-modules-checkout-shipping-warning/ https://www.clicshopping.org/forum/files/file/123-modules-checkout-shipping-information-banner/ I think ,it can be a response at your problem.
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    Hello @ClicShopping , Thank you for this new version, could you tell us if there something specific and make attention to update the website ?
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    Hello, First, on you right, you have a dynamic statistic information, These elements appear in function on your website. Some elements can be included inside when you create a new app. Inside this directory, you can find some Hooks : Modules/Hooks/ClicShoppingAdmin/Dashboard I looked the code and all the file starts by this synthax IndexDahboardTop , will displayed information on the top on the dasboard. For example you want to display statistics, news ..., you have to create a file like that IndexDahboardTop.php Litle example : <?php /** * * @copyright 2008 - https://www.clicshopping.org * @Brand : ClicShopping(Tm) at Inpi all right Reserved * @Licence GPL 2 & MIT * @licence MIT - Portion of osCommerce 2.4 * @Info : https://www.clicshopping.org/forum/trademark/ * */ namespace ClicShopping\OM\Module\Hooks\ClicShoppingAdmin\Dashboard; use ClicShopping\OM\CLICSHOPPING; class IndexDahboardTopOrder { public function __construct() { if (CLICSHOPPING::getSite() != 'ClicShoppingAdmin') { CLICSHOPPING::redirect(); } } public function execute() { $test = '<span class="col-md-4 alert alert-danger">--------------</span>'; $test .= '<span class="col-md-4 alert alert-info">--------------</span>'; return $test; } } It displays 2 information elements in the dashboard top. Pu the files and it's done
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    @Josephine : https://www.clicshopping.org/forum/topic/14-how-to-display-information-inside-the-template/ I let you the css .ModulesFrontPageBoostrapColumn5Image { text-align: center; } .ModulesFrontPageBoostrapColumn5Title h3 { font-size: 0.6875rem; text-align:center; vertical-align:text-top; padding-top: 0.3125rem; height: 0.625rem; padding-left: 0.3125rem; padding-right:5px; } .ModulesFrontPageBoostrapColumn5Title A { text-decoration: none; } .ModulesFrontPageBoostrapColumn5TextPrice { color:#000000; text-align:center; vertical-align:text-top; font-size: 0.75rem!important; padding-top: 0.625rem; }
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    Hello @FrediKa, Do you look this modules: https://www.clicshopping.org/forum/files/file/87-modules-shopping-cart-info-banner/ Across a banner manager, you can add some element, text, image. It can be a solution?
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    @Ronaldo Yes, you have right, some files can be overridden inside a new template. But all the modules must be also in the default template because the system read in first the default template and install the element in the bd.
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    Hello Fredika, You will found all elements in this directory sources/template/Default/css/english/general Like you can see, there is some css files, every css is a relation with a module. In function your module, you can change like yo want. In your case, you must look general/bootstrap_customize.css general/stylesheet.css for the header and the footer, the element is located : modules_header modules footer direcotries modules_boxes (for the boxes at your left and right) : bonus !) If I remember well, it's not advised to change inside Default directory. In this case, create another directory, copy all the files of ExNewTemplate and css for Default directory. In administration, you can change your default emplate directory in Design/configuration design / configuration and select your new template. I think there is a module can do that on the fly to see your change but I don't remember the name. Also there is an Apps can you help you to change the css via your administration, but it's not free. The first time for me, it was not simple to understand, but after pratice it's very easy. I hope it's not too difficult for you ! Let me know if you need more information.
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    Hello @FrediKa , Welcome, ClicShopping is new platform, the forum has just started. You have some documentation included inside the forum or inside the blog, do no hesitate to read, it will help you. To start look this. installation process : https://www.clicshopping.org/forum/blogs/entry/4-clicshopping-installation-process/ secure : https://www.clicshopping.org/forum/blogs/entry/5-secure-clicshopping/ Do not hesitate to ask a question, someone will help you.
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    Hello Drack Some information are available. You can look this. It will help you. Documentation : https://www.clicshopping.org/forum/forum/8-documentation/
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    Hello Manupichu Welcome. You can change the language via your administration. Go to Tools / Editors. Do not forget, if you delete all the languages, all modifications will be deleted. Good news, you can do that, for only one language.
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    Hello, I found a comparison there is a moment. There the information but it must be confirmed. With so many PayPal options, it is difficult to know which to use. NAME COST CUSTOMER STAY ON SIE VIRTUAL TERMINAL Paypal Standard (or IPN): per item No No Paypal Exress: per item No No Paypal Advanced: per item plus $5/month Yes No Paypal Pro: per item plus $30/month Yes Yes For all of the modules, you may be able to negotiate a better rate if you talk to Paypal.
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    ClicShopping supports the use of SMTP to send email which is required when sending mail from our servers. If you are on a server that does not allow the PHP mail() function or you just wish to use SMTP to send mail, this guide will help you through how to set up SMTP with your shopping cart. First thing to do is log in to go inside you administrative panel, then go to MyStore => Email options and choose "SMTP" as the Transport Method. Also verify these other settings or fill the empty settings Email Line Feels: LF Use MIME EMail when sending email: YES Verify E-Mail Addresses Through DNS : FALSE Use MIME HTML When Sending Emails: FALSE Port SMTP : must be 25 or 594 SMTP Host : SMTP hostssmtp.gmail.com ==> if you want use gmail SMTP authentication : True SMTP Password : ===> your email password SMTP User Name : ===> you email user mame SMTP Reply To : Email if you want to receive on anoher email Do you want use the SMTP secured protocol : Choose one method Do you want the SMTP port : 25 or 597 (depends of your hoster) Also check the the General Store configuration to see that the Email Address and Email From fields are the same as the outgoing email address you'll be using for the setup. Note : If you are under linux, it's better to use sendmail. That' all.
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    Do you look the blog, you have section about install et secure ClicShopping. I recommend you to look these informations. https://www.clicshopping.org/forum/blogs/blog/3-clicshopping/
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    Hello Crazy go to sources/Default/css/modules_header,/modules_header_menu_slimmenu.css you will find the css.
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    Thank you Julie, Indeed, it's the information I am looking for.
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    Look this post : https://www.clicshopping.org/forum/topic/32-migration-oscommerce-under-clicshopping/ I think it can help you.
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    @Julie, This code can help you, replace the product name by this : <?php $products = $CLICSHOPPING_ShoppingCart->get_products(); foreach ($products as $k => $v) { $name = $v['name']; $image = HTML::image($CLICSHOPPING_Template->getDirectoryTemplateImages() . $v['image'], HTML::outputProtected($name), 50, 50, null, true); echo ' <div class="row"> <div class="col-md-12"> <li class="headerMultiTemplateDefaultLi">&nbsp;&nbsp; <div class="float-md-left">' . $v['quantity'] . ' - ' . $name . '</div> <div class="float-md-right text-md-right">' . $CLICSHOPPING_Currencies->display_price($v['final_price'], $CLICSHOPPING_Tax->getTaxRate($v['tax_class_id']), $v['quantity']) . '</div> </li> </div> </div> '; } ?>
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    Yes, of course A very simple approach. Inside modules_header/template/ add this files below After go in your administration Design/Layout/Header, edit your multi-template option and select your new template This example displays the logo and the login link and log off link if you are connected. create a file: my_new_header_test.php add this inside : <?php /** * * @copyright 2008 - https://www.clicshopping.org * @Brand : ClicShopping(Tm) at Inpi all right Reserved * @Licence GPL 2 & MIT * @licence MIT - Portion of osCommerce 2.4 * @Info : https://www.clicshopping.org/forum/trademark/ * */ use ClicShopping\OM\HTML; use ClicShopping\OM\CLICSHOPPING; ?> <div class="col-md-<?php echo $content_width; ?>"> <div class="row"> <div class="separator"></div> <span class="col-md-4"><?php echo $logo_header; ?><br /><br /></span> <?php if (!$CLICSHOPPING_Customer->isLoggedOn()) { ?> <span class="col-md-8 text-md-right"><?php echo HTML::link(CLICSHOPPING::link(null, 'Account&Login'), CLICSHOPPING::getDef('modules_header_multi_template_create_account')); ?></span> <?php } else { ?> <span class="col-md-8 text-md-right"><?php echo HTML::link(CLICSHOPPING::link(null, 'Account&LogOff'), CLICSHOPPING::getDef('modules_header_multi_template_account_logoff'));?></span> <?php } ?> </div> </div>
  36. 1 point
    @Patrick, Thank you, like the development is to continue, if a problem is identified, it will be rectified.
  37. 1 point
    @Drack, Thank you, it's usefull
  38. 1 point
    @BertrandD, Yes I am not include this files, but it's easy to create it. The most important problem is the module.
  39. 1 point
    hello @Grimoire In the marketplace, you have 2 differents elements: - A Paid contribution (with a price) - A Free contribution About the free contribution, as I understand, you have will see the description and others informations. To download the contribtuion, at the end of the description, you will have Github information. in this case, click on Github Download link to have download the contribution. If you want to install automaticly the contribution, you have inside your admin an app. Just look what you want, and click on install.
  40. 1 point
    Hello @Drack Thank you for all this information. I win lot of time. I started to make something and also to understand the system. Not simple for a newbiz like me. I found the template system on the markeplace.
  41. 1 point
    Hello, Maybe you can look also if the directory images is in 777.
  42. 1 point
  43. 1 point
    Hi, First, Do you have installed or not the gdrp header tag modules ? ClicShopping propose a nice approach about the registred customer but for the not registred, you must install a specific module. You we will found the modules the : https://github.com/ClicShoppingOfficialModulesV3/module_header_tags_gdpr or you can install via the extensions. maybe it can help you to manage your need. you can find a module cookie consent. Else look the directory : Clichopping/Modules/Hooks/Account. You will find some GRPD modules. it's easy to create another : Copy the files and change the name : example <?php /** * * @copyright 2008 - https://www.clicshopping.org * @Brand : ClicShopping(Tm) at Inpi all right Reserved * @Licence GPL 2 & MIT * @licence MIT - Portion of osCommerce 2.4 * * */ namespace ClicShopping\OM\Module\Hooks\Shop\Account; use ClicShopping\OM\CLICSHOPPING; use ClicShopping\OM\Registry; use ClicShopping\OM\HTML; class AccountGdprNoIp { protected $IpAddress; public function getIpAddress() { $CLICSHOPPING_Db = Registry::get('Db'); $CLICSHOPPING_Customer = Registry::get('Customer'); $Qgdpr = $CLICSHOPPING_Db->prepare('select no_ip_address from :table_customers_gdpr where customers_id = :customers_id '); $Qgdpr->bindInt(':customers_id', $CLICSHOPPING_Customer->getID()); $Qgdpr->execute(); $ip_address = $Qgdpr->valueInt('no_ip_address'); return $ip_address; } public function display() { $output = '<div>'; $output .= '<label class="checkbox-inline">'; $output .= HTML::checkboxField('no_ip_address', $this->getIpAddress(), $this->getIpAddress()); $output .= '</label>'; $output .= CLICSHOPPING::getDef('module_account_customers_gdpr_no_ip_address'); $output .= '</div>'; return $output; } } To create another module change AccountGdprNoIp by AccountGdprMyModule Note : AccountGdpr is very important, it allow you to implement the code in your catalog the new module. The files is reading dynamicly I hope it can be an help to create your own module.
  44. 1 point
    For more precision, you have inside the application a spider.txt. it is located in this directory Sites/Shop/Assets/spider.txt If you need a robot.txt with specific information you can add inside the root or eventually use a module located in header tag section (extensions)
  45. 1 point
    Yes to compose your tab, you must use the tag. The module has be designed only for the description products, but you can create easily another module and include a specific tab in function your needs.
  46. 1 point
    Hello Bertrand, I have been the same problem and I found. Inside you configuration menu, you have a setting to that. You can change some information about the message than you want to send to the customer. Go to Configuration / other / template email
  47. 1 point
    Hi Julie, I found the solution, You go configuration / Customer B2C. You will see inside an option allow you to change this setting.
  48. 1 point
    Hello Julie, You must edit the conf.php inside ClicShoppingAdmin, after you can change the directory.
  49. 1 point
    It's simple, Take the name of the banner group inside the module boxe and create a new banner with the same group. It will be displayed above your categories group for example.
  50. 1 point
    Hello JKaz, I think ClicShopping/Works template/Download template/Images template/Public must be in 777.
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