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  2. @Maxime, @ClicShopping, Thank you for your work and implication inside this software. Now it's time for ot update my website
  3. Namiko

    Stripe Payment

    Nice and the fees are less expensive than Paypal
  4. @Patrick, Thank you for these advises
  5. @Julie : If I read well the update, you have nothing to do. Not exactly, you must upload the files It's better to install this update or make an update on your composer. The PhpMailer had recently a security alert
  6. Julie

    Stripe Payment

    Stripe is now in the new version, impatient to test, I am looking a such module since a moment.
  7. hello, First, thank you to administrator for the work @ClicShoppin to maintain the nice solution I saw a new payment module Stripe inside the core, what's happen yith Paypal ?
  8. Hello, Thank you for this update. Ii will push on my test s ite before to go in production. @Catalina, If I read well the update, you have nothing to do. If you want to upgrade your website, I recommend you to test before on local for example if everything is correct
  9. Earlier
  10. Just a questionm how to update my current version. Do they have something special to fo ?
  11. Hello, Just a little notification to ell you the v3.2145 has been pushed. A phpmailer library security has been reported on the phpmailer github website and ClicShopping has been hupdated Other libraries have been updated also Paypal has been removed and changed by Stripe Some other little fix has been updated. Thank you to the administrator for this work.
  12. Julie

    Rotative banner

    Yes you can include a video or html syntax
  13. Just before to put in production, just test your website on local or on your server !
  14. @Janet, Nice tools, I do not know but interesting
  15. A nice tool to analyse a site. Lot of informations about all your website https://www.screamingfrog.co.uk/seo-spider/
  16. Hello Carla, In my expreriences, I made a test every month on my test site and if it's ok, I push on my production website. Is there is something important happen, you will have a notification inside your admin. It's not, It could be ok and wait ClicShopping update
  17. Thank you Mara, Do you know if this update must be made often or if we can wait an update ?
  18. Carla

    Rotative banner

    just a question ? Is it possible to include a video inside the banner mnagement ?
  19. Recently, I have been a problem with sendmail. I decided to use Gmail than sendmail.
  20. The domain is not simple to find. Some companies buy lot of for nothing.It's beter if the domain is in relation with the activities. As a certification.
  21. Very often customers are asked to come up with a unique and beautiful domain. When you start searching, all domains are already taken. And we need the best domain for our dream site. My employees always find a way out, they often buy a domain if the brand is already known , but it takes a lot of time. If you are interested here, I also learned new tricks https://www.seoquake.com/blog/domain-com-alternative/ What else would you recommend reading on this topic? Thanks!
  22. Thank you, i am looking and find the content interesting for a rookie like me
  23. Hell @OliviaOlson, welcome. I agree with you, a newsltter must be well writed.
  24. when I want to find out new and relevant information about SEO, I open MOZ, look there, they have a great blog, if you are a beginner you will surely find answers to your questions. and recently seoquake blog opened https://www.seoquake.com/blog/ , I read there the latest news
  25. I do mailings very often. you need to draw up a letter well and then everything works fine
  26. hello, Looks the apps. I think you have something can help you on the marketplace. Do not remember exactly the name look on export keywords.
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