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  2. this is a level debug. 0 is for production, 1-2 allow you some interesting informations if you have a problem to solve.
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  4. Thank you for all explanations. What is protected $debug = 2;
  5. Note to continue the discussion : To see what's happen, you can make a test like that. Go to ClicShopping/OM/Mail.php change protected $debug = 0; by protected $debug = 2; After this line : add exit; and to finish send an email and see the result.
  6. I am looked more information about that and find a technical information It can help you why you have a problem :
  7. Hi @Engy, Do you look the best and trips forum, I wrote a little post about this problem. Sendmail has a restriction by your hoster, you must use gmail or your own smtp. Look and tell me if you have a problem.
  8. Hello, I try to send email but I don't receive anything, do you have any idea about that ?
  9. Last week
  10. Yes find it. It was inside the hooks section on the market place Thank you @Tempo
  11. Look the width of the invoice defalt logo andtake the same. You must have a specific width and height to use.
  12. Thank you Philman, My logo is deformed when I edit an invoice, do you have an idea ?
  13. Hi Engy and welcome, Look inside the configuration menu / my store / shiping& handling. You will find a field to include the name of your field. But you also must include your file inside the directory sources/images/logos/invoice in jpg or png.
  14. I looked the admin about this functionalities. It's useful but I think you can find that in the marketplace. Do you look?
  15. I look the demo admin and I saw in Order, a batch allowing to make in one time some action (order, packingslip...). Do you know where is the module ?
  16. Hello Could you tell me where I can insert a logo for the pfd invoice and packingslip? Thank you.
  17. Version 1.0.0


    This module displays a category image inside the categories managed by the categories admin You have different option to resize the image as you want This module contains - The language files in English and French - The css file in French and English - The module Via the installation system administration ClicShopping Technical Prerequisites: None License : GPL 2 - MIT Modules: - Compatibility: >= version 3.0 - Multi languages Recommendation and documentation specific use : The module is installed in the Default template. If you have another template, you must copy the files inside your new template. Implementation: - Install the module - Activate the module Design / Store Index / Categories - Copy the modules_index_categories_image.json into ClicShopping/Work/Cache/Github (manual installation) All informations about the ClicShopping Community : https://www.clicshopping.org Software : https://github.com/ClicShopping Official add on : https://github.com/ClicShoppingOfficialModulesV3 Community add on : https://github.com/ClicShoppingV3Community trademark License info : https://www.clicshopping.org/forum/trademark/

    25.00 EUR

  18. Hello @Carole, Look the documentation on the blog, it can help you and do not hesitate to put a question. About your question, Inside the configuration, you can choose B2B, B2C or both. We will help you.
  19. Hello, this the first time I use e-commerce software. My goal is o sell the electronic products and looking a software can do that easily. My first business orientation will be in B2C and after open the shop in B2B / B2C. Is it possible to make that with ClicShopping else no do you recommend another software? Thank you
  20. I will mix a payment with my bank and virtual bank, maybe square, I do not take my decision again. But I think to propose 2 different approaches is better than only choice.
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  22. Hello Manu, You can find this setting in configuration Store and inside the minimum / maximum value. By default, the delay is 30 days.
  23. Hello, Inside the products module news, special ... it's possible to display an information with a stickers. Is it possible to extend the delay, I don't find the good setting to change that ? Have a good day
  24. Hello @Joe, You can see inside Configuration / order total menu. This install via the administration is a concept and should be evolve in the future. The ergonomy is not perfect after the install process Let see what happen.
  25. Julie

    Send a newsletter

    Look this I think it can help you : https://www.clicshopping.org/forum/files/file/23-apps-report-email-validation/
  26. Ryan Gil

    Send a newsletter

    Do you know if there is a module to analyze the email is valid or not ? Send an email and have some no valid email is no good for the server and it can be blacklisted.
  27. Hello, I tried to install via the Admin the apps called order total surchage., No problem, but after I don't see where is it. Thank you.
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