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  2. Customer is the most important. For a small company, I think it's important to have a quick and a good interaction with the customer.
  3. Ah, ok, I do not see this setting. Thank you.
  4. No need development, go to Design / Configuration / Image and activate the option mage broken +
  5. Do you know if it's possible to display a specific little image when there is an image broken on the website ? Maybe it can be a little development ?
  6. Last week
  7. I can add : make a partnership with some webssite in your domain. It's important for the visibility and reviews.
  8. No, if you follow the instruction, it's easy. You have a tutorial there :https://www.clicshopping.org/forum/topic/384-training-to-include-a-new-template/ the other way is to install via extension menu in your admin.
  9. Nice template, Is it difficult to implement it ? Sorry I am a newbie !
  10. Maybe there is a problem with MySQL v5.7 @MG86 but with MariaDB, everything works fine. I have not been a problem to install ClicShopping. The video inside the tuto is a good idea.
  11. Hello @Mara, look little about that. A summary I found : 1. Create relevant online consumer protection rules (GDPR) 2. Focus on personal data protection and security 3. Ready to develop a good relation with your customer, reactivity, Chat (why not), good support 4.Develop the reviews are very important 5.Allow the customer to rate your work. 6.Of course, website in SSL 7.Quality Website design
  12. I agree with Foster, the trust is very important. My question is how to develop this approach.
  13. Ok, thank you. If I understand, the best is to have some payment alternative. I think 3. What do you think ?
  14. Ok, good idea, Thank you.
  15. Yes you can do that. Alternative : Copy and rename the file, if there an update, you will not affected by your modification.
  16. Just another question Some listing are fixed and it's impossible to use the wdth function (1 to 12) <div class="col-md-<?php echo 12; ?> col-md-<?php echo 12; ?>" itemprop="itemListElement" itemscope="" itemtype="https://schema.org/Product"> If I understand I must change by that ? <div class="col-md-<?php echo $bootstrap_column; ?> col-md-<?php echo $bootstrap_column; ?>"> itemprop="itemListElement" itemscope="" itemtype="https://schema.org/Product">
  17. Yes look nice. Just add shadow after car. <div class="card shadow"></div>
  18. Some Chinese companies are now in Vietnam, Maybe you can have a better deal than in China
  19. Hello, A new template appear on the markeplace, I downloaded and tested. I would just know how to make shadow card.
  20. Version 1.0.0


    New design theme and based on yellow shadow theme. If you have included new modules, you must update in consequence your files. You must just copy the files that you want change inside the yellow shadow theme. This module contains The language files in English and French The css file in French and English The modules Via the installation system administration ClicShopping Technical Prerequisites: None License : GPL 2 - MIT compatibility: >= version 3.0 Recommendation and documentation specific use : The module create a new directory inside the template directory All the new modules inserted inside the Default template will work with Alibaba template. If you must make an update, please, copy the files inside the yellow_shadow template. Implementation: Copy All Directories inside Shop except ModuleInfosJson Copy the template_yellow_shadow.json into ClicShopping/Work/Cache/Github (manual installation) In your administration : Design / Configuration / Configuration : Change the website theme Download How to download : https://github.com/ClicShoppingV3Community/template_yellow_shadow/archive/master.zip Github : https://github.com/ClicShoppingV3Community/template_yellow_shadow Download ClicShopping : https://github.com/ClicShopping/ClicShopping_V3/archive/master.zip Community : https://www.clicshopping.org Software : https://github.com/ClicShopping Official add on : https://github.com/ClicShoppingOfficialModulesV3 Community add on : https://github.com/ClicShoppingV3Community trademark License info : https://www.clicshopping.org/forum/trademark/

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  21. Thank you for all these advices. Indeed there is not only in China, and what's happen now, maybe I can take time to look some other countries.
  22. To continue : Turkey, Portugal, Morocco are all good places to buy cotton based clothing from, but the essential ingredient is to work with a company/agent that fully understands your requirements and can deliver the end result. China, Vietnam, Thailand and new kid on the block, Myanmar are the best of the bunch in Asia. If the design is your focal point, just buy plain t shirts and use a local printer (Leicester is full of them) to print your work. Start small, grow organically.
  23. There are other countries on Planet Earth that also manufacture clothing (vietnam for example). I suggest you attend a few trade fairs and look at all the possibilities, before leaping headfirst into the pool!
  24. Hi Carole In the past I try to work with chinese manufacturer. Some information, I think, you can use : 1. Register as self employed. 2. Research the market for potential competitors and pricing. 3. Register your designs. 4. Understand the fabrics you will be using. 5. Compare prices, quality, printing and communication with the 3 suppliers and choose the one that ticks most/all of your requirements. 6. Request a sample and negotiate a price, to include everything (product, packaging & labelling). 7. When you are happy with the sample, proceed to an order, after agreeing all the details, including payment terms. 8. Ensure you inspect the products before you make any final payment if it's possible by someone in China 9. When you feel you can start to order 300pcs (minimum) per colour/design, then at that point consider China. Best of luck with your project
  25. Hello, I want to start buying clothing from China and selling it with my own designs on. I'm not sure how to go about doing it though. Could someone maybe give me a step by step guide and what to do? Will I have to legally register myself as a sole trader? Do I need some sort of licence? Advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  26. Just for information there is an app (no free) available on the marketplace. I think it must be that. https://www.clicshopping.org/forum/files/file/33-apps-tools-export-price-comparator/
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