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Web Push and E-Commerce : How to use it ?



Web push notifications are succinct updates sent to the users even when they are not on your website. Due to its crisp approach, there is no beating around the bush and information is shared in a jiffy. It helps to leverage geographical targeting and communicate in a timely fashion keeping time zones in mind.


Web Push are clickable messages that are sent by a website to their subscribers’ browsers. They work very similarly to mobile app push notifications (notifications sent by a mobile app that land in your notification tray) except that they work on websites instead of apps and can be accessed on all devices (desktop, mobile, tablet, etc).


Why use push notification for e-commerce marketing? How do they help?



Retarget users effectively and tackle abandoned carts

Increase sales by segmenting users on basis of interest and behavior

Boost conversions by engaging, re-engaging and retaining users on Desktop and Mobile


With web push, it becomes easy to send and schedule relevant notifications by segmenting users based on their behavior, interest, and activities they perform. They are swift and drive repeat visits, encouraging people to make a purchase


There, some usage can be used


Announce new products to a relevant audience

Buyers would love to know when products on their wishlist are available for purchase. It might be the latest book from an author whose work they’ve bought earlier, or the newest collection from a fashion brand whose products they’ve been browsing for the last few weeks. To begin with, eCommerce websites can create segments among subscribers based on their previous purchases and on-site activity.


Seasonal Sales / Holiday Offers

You can welcome a new season with exciting offers on fresh arrivals. Boost conversions with web push messages to your customers announcing upcoming sales about new collections. Use hero images to show-off the new arrivals, encouraging customers to refresh their wardrobe according to the new season.


Announce a sale

hese notifications work similar to the previous one, difference being that the urgency factor has to be driven in more strongly. Urgency can be created by setting up an expiry time for the sale or if only select products are part of the sale. Most eCommerce websites use a combination of the two.


Get authentication from anonymous users

eCommerce websites get authentication from anonymous users by encouraging them to login by giving them incentives like discounts. Web push notifications are a great way to get this message across.


Price-drop, Stock, and Re-targeting

Customers often add products to their wishlists, planning to buy them later. If there is a price drop on the products, they can be easily called back with an automated notification.

Another reason for customers bouncing from the store could be that the product they wanted was not available


Deliver personalized offers and promotions based on on-site behaviour

This type of notification comes in various forms. For example, if a user has spent a few minutes on a particular product page, send him an instant push notification saying that a 10% discount is available on the product if he buys it in the next 15 minutes.


Recover abandoned carts

This is something most eCommerce websites are familiar with. A user arrives on the website, spends time browsing various products, adds a few items to the cart but doesn’t complete the purchase

Sometimes, customers want to compare the price on other websites before making a purchase. Depending on the time this takes, the user may forget about an item. Another reason for cart abandonment may be that the user was distracted by something during the checkout process.


Inform buyer of shipment of purchase, and delivery

These are informational messages which help the buyer keep track of the products they’ve ordered and make for a smooth delivery experience.


 Interested to apply a web push inside your e-commerce website ?




Recommended Comments

Thank you for this article,  it's interesting and I will look more information about that.
I looking the apps but I don't found.
On the demo, I saw you have included the web push.

Do you think to include this development on marketplace ?


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Hello @Patrick,


Thank you,

Yes, I have included a web push on the demo, but I am not satisfied for the moment and I must take time to analyse why I have different behaviour between my local computer and  the server.

It's a test for the moment, and a module will be created after I identified all the problems and resolved the situation?

Web push used could interesting for some shop owner and customer. But it must be used with a smart approach.

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I wait with impatience this new module.

Thank you for this article, it was interesting and I will look more information about that on the web.

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