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ClicShopping How to make quickly an Apps without knowledge

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The article will allow you to make quickly a new app without knowledge.


Note: It's template to start after you must make your application to finish it. Look the free module, it will be a great help.


Requirement: A development tool allowing you to replace all syntax inside directories and sub-directories.

Knowledge: Basic skills in php


Download this file  : https://www.clicshopping.org/images/template.tar.gz


This example is based in part on SubTotal app.

Step1 : Change the directory name


For example, you have a directory called SubTotal and you want to make an app in Catalog


- Create a directory inside Catalog called MyApp
- Copy all the files inside template in Catalog directory


Step 2 : Search and Replace
be careful, respect all these elements


SubTotal by MyApp
subtotal by myapp
sub_total by my_app


app_order_total_subtotal by app_catalog_myapp


$insert_sql_data = ['parent_id' => 451]; by $insert_sql_data = ['parent_id' => 3];
Note : the parent Id is the same id like you can find in Tools/Editor/AdministratorMenu


/ST/  by /MY/ (Note : MY is a code, you can choose like you want but you can not have the same code twice in different app)
_ST_ by _MY_
_st_ by _my_

ST by MY

Note : Very becarefull, do that step by step to identified the syntax called ST


Step 4 : Look and Rename Files

SubTotal.php by MyApp.php
ST.php by MY.php


Step 5 :  Look and Rename directories

ST by MY


Step 6 : Installation
go to your administration  and write this : http://mysite.com/boutique/ClicShoppingAdmin/index.php?A&Catalog\MyApp


Step 7 : Language
Change the terms like you want

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