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Documentation for a first install

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I just install clickshopping on dedicated server with nginx and mariadb under debian 9.

I search now where can I change logo, address, phone, mail...

Is it an existing documentation or a todo list after install ?



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To change the logo, it's easy, go to the Marketing / Banner and you can update your logo

About the address, it's inside the Configuration Menu / my store

About a todo list after install, no I don't see anything, but It can be usefull for the newbiz.


All the configuration is made inside Configuration menu,






Locations and taxes
Other / email


I think with that, your website will be confgured

Let me know if you have others questions


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Look these information on the blog, I think it can be usefull to start and secure your application :

@Julie you think you forget to go on Design/Configuration/Image management.



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Thank you for answer, i've allready find to change address.

I have try to install the module "modules_header_menu_slimmenu".

This module allow to display a responsive design menu (and sub menu) with the products categories in the header in the front Office

Version intallée : 1.0.1

Version cache temp : 1.0.1

If i click on Configure button, i have a 404 error.

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The bug has been identified and updated on the latest version.
Just download the latest version and update your files. If you have not changed some element inside the template, just push else use a compare files tools like beyond compare.
(I recommend you to create another template and put inside all the files if you want to modify and all the CSS).  All the files can be overridden .
Don't forget to update the design configuration.
In your case, just go in design / header / activate the menu.
look :https://www.clicshopping.org/forum/topic/62-find-the-good-css-file/


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