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How to sell product via social media platform?

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Which social media platform do you use to promote your product, Youtube, Facebook or Instagram?
I want to try social media marketing but I am not sure which one is my best choice. I am going to sell stationery products.

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At first, you should discover, which platforms your customers use most. 
And I will recommend you to sell on Instagram.If you want to get people who like your pictures buying your items, it’s worthwhile to add the Shop Now functionality to your posts. When customers click that button, they’re taken to the website to buy it. Instagram has various features like grouped photos to help you market your product better.
Also, you can sell using Pinterest by investing in buyable pins and also making use of superior visual content to help market their products to a wider audience.

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The facebook marketplace has a very good reach locally and growing. Also can do very targeted ads if you like. I'm not a big fan of groups unless you can somehow get a ton of followers who are very passionate about the same thing together.

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All tools can automatize can be good for the productivity. It's my opinion. The problem is to make that. @Manupichu, the apps twitter seems to be a first step, but we can have the same function for all the main social network, it will be a great application.

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