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    Hello @Snoopy If you look inside the administration Configuration, you a weight menu where can add different weight conversation. Now how to make that on the catalog ! Below the element can help you. This code allow you to convert all in Kg. $CLICSHOPPING_Weight = Registry::get('Weight'); $CLICSHOPPING_ProductsCommon = Registry::get('ProductsCommon'); $defaultUnitWeight = SHIPPING_WEIGHT_UNIT; // 2 in the default configuration KG shipping_weight = getProductsWeight // Take only the kg // gr to kg if ( $defaultUnitWeight == 1) { $weight = round($CLICSHOPPING_Weight->convert($shipping_weight, $defaultUnitWeight, 2), 3); } //Ounce to kg if ( $defaultUnitWeight == 3) { $weight = round($CLICSHOPPING_Weight->convert($shipping_weight, $defaultUnitWeight, 2), 3); } //Ounce to kg if ( $defaultUnitWeight == 4) { $weight = round($CLICSHOPPING_Weight->convert($shipping_weight, $defaultUnitWeight, 2), 3); } echo $weight;
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    Hello, You must add a new taxe, There, the differents steps to create a new taxe. After, you must update in function your needs 1/ Configuration / Locations / Taxes / Tax Classes ==> add a new taxes 2/ Configuration / Locations / Taxes -> Tax Geo Zones ==> Create a new Zones and inside the new Zone insert your states if necessary 3/ Admin / Locations / Taxes -> Tax Rates Just becare full to insert 1 for your new taxes rates (the new taxe without the % and for example Description : Virginia Taxes rates 10%) The priority has an impact on the taxes calculation (see Canada foe example. It's a double taxes) . 4/ Create a product and look if the taxes is correct. You have some example, look France for only one taxe European for without taxe Quebec / Canada for double taxe. it can be little complicate, take time and look across the element made. If you have question, let me know.
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    hello @Grimoire In the marketplace, you have 2 differents elements: - A Paid contribution (with a price) - A Free contribution About the free contribution, as I understand, you have will see the description and others informations. To download the contribtuion, at the end of the description, you will have Github information. in this case, click on Github Download link to have download the contribution. If you want to install automaticly the contribution, you have inside your admin an app. Just look what you want, and click on install.


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