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Request info on ClicShopping

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Good morning,

sorry if they are questions already asked but I would like to know: 


1) this version of ClicShopping can be used for sites in production or is it a version being tested?
2) Is there a working SEO approachfor this version?
3) Does this version include the possibility to add the VAT number to the new customer registration data?
4) Is there an Spanish or other language translation for this version?


Thank you

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1) Yes you can use in production. It have little update but until now I have no problem to update the solution, it's easy.

2) Yes, you have no configuration to make, just activate an option. It's included inside.

3) Yes, regulation approach is strong inside the solution.
4) No actually, just the franch and english. If you are interested to make something, please contact the ClicShopping Administrator. The solution is new on he market but a nice potential in my opinion.


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I can add something. You can install easily some application without knowledge. In your back office, you have a system allow to make that. and the upgrade is easy if you follow the best practices. The template and the core are separated, it's big advantage compared to some other solution like osCommerce.

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