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Dedicated server, interesting ?

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I am very tempted to spend on a dedicated but I'm a bit scared to know if I have the skills for that, what do we need to know how to master compared to a mutualised,

Currently I have 3 sites in shared with a total of 1200 visits / days (cumulative of 3) but I have some problems on one of my site 15000 products and 800 connection per day with an average of 5 pages per connection weight of the page about 500 KB What do you recommend?

One of them it's based on old Oscommerce and I want to migrate on ClicShopping.

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Hello @Mathias


If I understand well, you have difference e-commerce software.

You have more and more visitors

You see the reaction time to access at your page in more and more slow

Time to think something with more adapted to your needs.


What is you skill for a dedicated server because if you take that, you must have the capacities to configure lot of thing inside.

For example at ovh with the kimsufi, but some hoster, can propose you something all included inside dedicated server + cpanel or ispconfig for example.


About your migration, I think there is a migrate tool can help you for that.




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Me too, I prefer to be on linux, php / mysql is more adapted under linux than microsoft. But I think microsoft make some effort to be better

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