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I am interested by clicshooping as I want to migrate from Zencart which is no more translated into french ; I tried several installations on my Gandi simple hosting (php 7.3  MYSQL 5.5) or on my local server (xampp (last 3.2.4) with windows 10 - 64 bits) . I had to load :clicshopping_en_MyIsam.sql on both and it was OK for the database but  I was unabble to access to the admin: the sreen is blank after writng the user name and the password: no message error. I tried 3 or 4 times to install again. I could see only the storefront. Was is the problem?

I deleted the install directoryand made the modifications for the files ( writing 777 and so on)

Other question: why cann't  we upload directly the content of "shop" directory in our htdocs directly?

I must tell that I tried to install the  french release.

With many thanks

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ClicShopping works fine with maria db, mysql I do not know.

ClicShopping has not tested with windows, that I know.


Do you make this step ?

1 - load the db manually  clicshopping_en_MyIsam.sql 

2 - Go to install and follow instruction, At the step2 , do not install a new db just continue the process (yellow button)

Look now you Db clic_administrator : you must see your login (email) and your password encrypted


If yes :

Do you have access at the admin login page ? Do not forget, if you try more 3 times, you will be out during this time (if you do not want to wait remove the data inside clic_action_recorder)


No : look the directory includes/ClicShopping/Works and look if you have a files call errors ....txt

If you have something inside, you will see the errors and report.


Ah forget !

Look the files includes/ClicShopping/Sites/ClicShoppingAdmin/site_conf. php if there all infomations inside.


2nd question :

Inside the directory you have




You can remove the index and Shop directory and after start the installation

The index.php allow you to make a presentation page to promote a specific event and manage by the page manager.

If not,  you are redirected in /Shop.index.php






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If it can help you.


INSERT INTO `clic_administrators` (`id`, `user_name`, `user_password`, `name`, `first_name`, `access`) VALUES
(1, 'admin@admin.com', '$2y$10$WAisy29.DtmaGHUI8t/MDOlnpfsubvEzeXmSsw/c8JXTosjWmZ5ty', 'admin', 'admin', 1);


login : admin@admin.com
password : admin


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I'll give up.



I have been using  zencart for about 10 years with no problem (and installed it many times onto different websites and different web hosts). The only thing is is that it is no more translated into french and I don't want to do it; but  it is very interesting with many possibilities, and up to date.

However I wanted to work with more recent cms.

I tried several ecommerce softwares: woocommerce, prestahop: they were very easy to install (like zencart) but after 2 days I'll give up with clicshopping.

Sorry but it is the fact. Neither local, neither on a web server you can make it work correctly.

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Thank you but it was after completely uninstalling every thing: database and website.

It seemes that with mysql I had to enter the same email for adminstrator and the store owner during the installation process and I had to import the .sql file into my database.

My web host offers only mysql.

I tried with wamp64 server on my own PC and got no problem with mariaDB; same problems appeared with mysql.

Now, I have to customize my website!

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Now, all the Linux server has MariaDB, except old server. With Windows server, I suppose it's MySQL.

I tested with the same email, I have no problem with that but it's on MariaDB.
Is it a problem ? Only the people using MySQL server can make a test, and we will see. 

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