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error (HTTP ERROR 500 )at the end of installation of ClicShopping

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I have followed all the installation steps but at the end when I try to enter the Admitter Panel it appears (HTTP ERROR 500). Anyone who can help me ?, I can give credentials of my site so you can help me .. Thank you

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Hello @ISAC,


I installed the application recently, and I have not  been  problem.

Could you explain your process ?

Which  Php do you use, it's recommended to use php 7.3 but it must work on 7.x

The installation on Windows or Linux ?

Your conf files is on 777 and Work ?

For your help you can look this : https://www.clicshopping.org/forum/blogs/entry/4-clicshopping-installation-process/




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Use Linux server

Use Linux server PHP v7.3

As long as the installation files are assigned permission 777 and then at the end of 444, as mentioned in the installationAs long as the installation files are assigned permission 777 and then at the end of 444, as mentioned in the installation

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I have been the same problem. For me it was not the solution but my hoster. My Cpanel was not the good php / mysql configuration and I add to check some element like mysql ... if I remember.

After that, all the installation and the software works very fine.

If I can help you.

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Hello @Robert,

Some provider propose let's encrypt as certificate. it's free.

Other can propose also paid certificate.
If you want to make a secure website for your customer the ssl certificate is necessary. Google look that on your website and also the browser.

On local, it's not necessary.


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It' s important to respect the copyright, Julie, send you the link, I think it's enough for you to know what you can do or not.

We are not administrator, but we can help you in function our knowledge

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