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    Hello, The futur backoffice on development with bootstrap 5 and a vertical menu, an example.
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    Hello, For gmail : Nom du serveur SMTP Gmail: smtp.gmail.com Nom d’utilisateur SMTP Gmail: votre adresse Gmail Mot de passe SMTP Gmail: votre mot de passe (si vous avez choisi une méthode d’authéntification) Port SMTP Gmail: 25 ou 465
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    Hello Catalina, It's included inside the solution. There the different sitemap you can use for the blog, you need the apps https://www.xxxxxxxx.com/index.php?Sitemap&GoogleSitemapProductsSitemap https://www.xxxxxxxx.com/index.php?Sitemap&GoogleSitemapPageManagerSitemap https://www.xxxxxxxx.com/index.php?Sitemap&GoogleSitemapSpecialsSitemap https://www.xxxxxxxx.com/index.php?Sitemap&GoogleSitemapManufacturersSitemap https://www.xxxxxxxx.com/index.php?Sitemap&GoogleSitemapBlogContentInconnu https://www.xxxxxxxx.com/index.php?Sitemap&GoogleSitemapBlogC
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