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Ryan Gil

taxes, State

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I will know how to configure correctly the taxes.  

How do I make sure my cart charges the correct state tax? 

Thank you.

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You must add a new taxe, 

There, the differents steps to create a new taxe. After, you must update in function your needs


1/ Configuration / Locations / Taxes / Tax Classes  ==> add a new taxes

2/ Configuration / Locations / Taxes -> Tax Geo Zones 

==> Create a new Zones  and inside the new Zone insert your states if necessary

3/ Admin / Locations / Taxes -> Tax Rates

Just becare full to insert 1 for your new taxes rates (the new taxe without the % and for example Description Virginia Taxes rates 10%)

The priority has an impact on the taxes calculation (see Canada foe example. It's a double taxes)


4/ Create a product and look if the taxes is correct.


You have some example, look France for only one taxe

European for without taxe 

Quebec / Canada for double taxe.


it can be little complicate, take time and look across the element made.


If you have question, let me know.


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Thank you Drack.
I will try and if I have question about that. I will let a message on the forum.


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