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Beginners needing guidance

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Hi, Is there any documentation or other help links that can guide me as an absolute beginner (with coding too!). I have installed it in my EasyWP website but am struggling right at the beginning with "Composer is not installed, please make this command on your server in your terminal : apt-get install composer". 

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Composer not installed want to say you must install manually the application. You hoster does not give you directly this functionnality or it s blocked.
in this case, you must open the terminal and go inside the website and write

composer install mylibraries (look the doc for that).

All the modern application use composer to install libraries.
I hope these point help you.

Witch application do you want to install?

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I want to install the IA app that supports the eCommerce

Thank you for your help

5 hours ago, Gary said:

in this case, you must open the terminal and go inside the website and write

I'm afraid my knowledge is so limited I don't know how to open the terminal, I ca't find any reference to it anywhere! I have been looking for a menu item 🤔

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it's ok
The AI is inside ClicShopping, you do not need to install APP anything

Just activate the module and insert the key you can found on OpenAI.com. In function of the situation, you must activate  some modules for the catalog.

For the instructions, you have a tuto there : ttps://www.clicshopping.org/forum/topic/3387-how-to-use-the-generative-artificial-intelligence-inside-clicshopping/


For the terminal, you must go on admin hosting. Else ask the support to help you.

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