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How to use the Generative Artificial Intelligence inside ClicShopping ?

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ClicShopping allow you to use the generative artificial intelligence with Gpt, there are 2 ways to use this new functionality


What you do inside ClicShopping with the GenIA

Across the chat : Use on all pages

Across the Wysiwyg : Specific request about

  - Products (description - short description - SEO - image gallery)

  - Brands (description - SEO - image)
  - Categories (description - SEO - image)
  - Contact email
  - Newletters
  - Content page (description -  SEO)
... All other page use the Wysiwyg
  - SEO in general
 - Request Help with a general chat

- Front page Chatbot


In the futur we want to develop and to implement more interactions with the IA like products recommendations, reviews summary ...


1 - Use the chatbox available in the header
This approach is useful if you need to ask a specific request, for example for the seo (title, description, keywords)






2 - Use the wysiwig chatbox available for all descriptions
This approach will allow you to include a product description easily. You must click on the map icon close the image icon. A dialog box is open and you can insert your question.






3 - Setting the Artificial Intelligence


To use this approach, you must configure the API and to include the OpenAI key. Of course you can change some parameters.
The key is available on OpenIA platform. Just note the API is not free (except for testing during 3 months)




4 - Front Page Chatbot


You must activate the chatbot frontpage to use it and set it inside Template/footer. The focus is on product information. It was difficult to propose some others informationswith the generative AI because the consumption is too important for a bad result.


The problem come from Maria Db, the database does not use the vector approach and when you have a long text to analyze, the vector approach is really useful. We tried with segmentation approach but the result is poor.


To use generative AI for general condition is really bad idea because the legal approach can be very different on each website including the regulation.



Documentation :

if you want more information about the setting configuration, please look there : https://platform.openai.com/docs/quickstart/start-with-an-instruction

5 - Statistitics


  • dashboard




  • Settings




5 - More informations are available inside the blog :


How can GPT help us to improve the productivity and the result inside ClicShopping ?


Use Artificial Intelligence In Ecommerce



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