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Found 2 results

  1. Upgrade&Marketplace Marketplace access don't work. https://........../ClicShoppingAdmin/index.php?A&Tools\Upgrade&Marketplace I need to install import/export for products import and there is no module installed. Thank you for regards
  2. Amazon: improve your SEO to increase your sales. Did you already realize that Amazon was actually a big search engine for e-commerce? If so, you certainly know that behind, an algorithm runs to make the machine work and allow it to offer you the products you need. But for your own business, have you ever wondered about optimizing your presence on Amazon to be more visible and increase your sales? The similarities between looking for visibility on Amazon and on Google are important. The logic is always the same: optimize its content to be judged as the most credible and relevant by the algorithm, to go back in the middle of thousands of results. With the difference that for Amazon, the result is a commercial product, while for Google it is usually a website or media content (even if Google Shopping could make us lie by going directly back some products). And all the same, the same warning is required by the two Internet giants: think above all about the consumer and provide value (but still optimize a little). Whether it's in the way of thinking about digital referencing or the hypocrisy that surrounds the search for visibility, they are very similar and offer an advantage to people competent in SEO: that of understanding logic and being able to adapt according to the "tools". The first SEO elements to take into account Like, therefore, natural referencing, some points are to think and work especially. First, let's talk about the title. It is the first element in contact with your future consumers, and reveals, in a few seconds, what they will find once clicked on the product thumbnail. This title defines your product and will quickly allow Amazon to process it through the keywords that compose it. There is therefore a double challenge: a ranking issue in the Amazon results, as well as an issue of increasing the clickthrough rate of Internet users when they see the thumbnail (to discover more). The content of the product page The content of this page comes into play once the first click on your title or thumbnail image. Now, the user wants to know more about what your product can bring: if it is solid, credible and really interesting. Amazon: How to optimize your keywords to boost your sales? The first page of the results, when looking for a product on Amazon, is a place of choice for any seller or e-merchant. Just like for search engines, this coveted position can lead to a dramatic increase in sales. More page views, more conversions, there is no doubt that reaching this spot should be part of your priorities when you sell on Amazon. Here are our tips to optimize your keywords and boost your sales. Amazon: a constantly evolving algorithm Like Google, the US sales platform is constantly adjusting and modifying its search algorithm. Nevertheless, it is possible to distinguish some essential criteria for the good ranking of your products. Among them we can mention: Number of sales already completed Vendor Popularity and Rating Quality of the keywords associated with the product Using keywords on Amazon So that Amazon measures the relevance of your product and is able to offer it to the right users, it is necessary to use keywords. In order to put the odds on your side, it is better to point to long tail keywords. By this we mean keywords that are articulated around three, four or more words and which allow us to detail a product or an offer more precisely. Two advantages to this: Bring specificity to your description and increase your chances of appearing faster. Better stand out as part of a competitive offer. Especially if other sellers are already well placed on a request you are targeting. Set goals to find the right keywords Before you even begin your list of keywords, it's important to ask yourself the question of what you want to achieve. Do you want to improve the ranking of a product already on the marketplace? Is the goal to stand out from a competitor for the future, supplant it? Are you starting from scratch by having everything to build? Establish a list of relevant keywords Finding popular terms in your product category, for short and long tail keywords, is a common method. Nevertheless, other solutions can help you in this task. An analysis software based on artificial intelligence, for example, will allow you to analyze and determine all the keywords used by your customers and already exploited by your competitors. here are several keyword analysis tools for Amazon, free or paid. Among them we can mention: Uberseller Sonar Sistrix Scientific Seller As for Google's Keyword Planner, which is sometimes recommended, it's best not to use it in the context of Amazon sales. Indeed, the way users search on Google or Amazon is very different. The performance of keywords obtained through the Keyword Planner is, therefore, often disappointing. Breakdown of keywords in the ad An Amazon ad consists of a title, bullet points, a description and a backend that we will discuss a little further. To streamline your ad, first make a list of the keywords you will be integrating. Rank them by importance and use them as you go. The last ones will be placed in the backend. title In terms of ranking, the title does not count more than bullet points. No need to load keywords. Better to write a short and clear title, which will allow users to quickly identify your product and therefore to consult your page. Each field has a character limit. The latter depends on the category of products concerned. Bullet points Their role is to make the product attractive, to describe it as precisely as possible and to include keywords that were not present in the title. Amazon Product Description Considering the fact that Amazon primarily presents products that sell well, it is better to pass the description to convert as many customers as possible. Among the proven methods, the situation of the product works well. We must create a context in which the user can identify himself and thus enable him to see how this product will correspond to his needs. Our advice Impose a limit of up to 2000 characters. Your potential customer will not be drowned under the information. Backend Finally, be aware that it is possible to use keywords hidden in a limit of 239 bytes. An ideal space to put other keywords or integrate variations or misspelled queries. If this notion seems fuzzy, do not hesitate to call an SEO expert on Codeur.com to write your Amazon ads. You are ready to sell better on the biggest marketplace in the world. Good keywords and a well-written ad will help you put your chances on your side.
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