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My first step with ClicShoping - Quick FAQ

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You have installed ClicShoppingTm, congratulation, now it's time to understand how works ClicShoppingTm.

Like you can see, on the catalog, you have "with page", just some boxes displayed. it's normal.


Some questions, you can have !


I want to change the color of my template and make some modifications ?
In this case, it's better to create a new template directory, you have an example, just copy the files inside to start.

In design / Design Configuration, you can select your new template and see the difference.

Default template can change with an update, that's why, it's better to use a new template.


How to include a logo in my Shop ?

Include a logo is very easy,  there the steps,

ClicShoppingTm works with a system called banners (Marketing menu) and the module affiliate at the header (Design / Layout / Site Header => multi-template)

Inside the multi-template module you have a question  and an element called : Default_multi_template_logo

Copy this element  and to marketing / Banner and create a new banner ==> banner group


I can't see a fields filling in my products description, How to display new fields inside my product description ?

You must install the module. For example, you want to display the brands, you must go to Tools / Github upgrade and install the brand module.

ClicShoppingTm is built with minimal functionality. It can be good or not. Depends of the case than you need. But you have lot of modules include in upgrade section.

You can also download or buy a module in function your need.


ClicShoppingTm  is GRPD compliant ?

Yes, you have some element included allowing to your customers to take a choice but if you installed a new module under this rules, you must create a module allowing to your customers to manage this case. The customer in this account administration can change some information. If you include a new module, you also can  include a system to manage the data privacy.

In configuration, you have some element than you can fill to be cool with the regulation law

For the customer not registred, you have an application you can use and install  (https://github.com/ClicShoppingOfficialModulesV3/module_header_tags_gdpr). It's not includes inside the core because it can be lot of configuration to manage your own gdrp. The module can propose more 20 different configurations. Lot of chance you need i included inside.


What is the chmod of Work ?

Work has some directories where there are some temporary files. Depends of the server, the Work directory must be always writeable (777).


Why there is rate limit on Upgrade ?

The functionality is experimental, when you are searching an application, we must to connect with Github but GitHub allow a number of requests limited. To try to fix this limit, we store the json files in the cache. When the files is in cache, it read in first and you can look  some applications after quickly.


Can I change Boutique by Shop or other Directories ?

Yes, you can, you must edit the index.php files and change chdir($cwd . '/boutique/'); by our own directory chdir($cwd . '/shop/');


Do you recommend me to change the admin directory access ?

Yes, it's strongly recommended, The process is simple :

1 - Change ClicShoppingAdmin directory by your own admin  MyAdmin458

2  - edit in includes/ClicShopping/Sites/ClicShopping/Conf.php and make the change

3 - Don't forget to change the chmod in 444


Can I use the beta in production ?

Yes you can, it's not yet the final version, almost, (if you some knowledge to update the code) there will be modifications, but the product can be use. Follow us on github and you will see the evolution of the code.


How to insert my application :
If your application is not free, you can insert on the marketplace, We look and test your application before to validate it.

it will be push also on ClicShopping github community the json in relation with the marketplace and we allow you the right to manage  your application.
If you application is free, you must sent us at  admin@clicshopping.org your application, we teste it, we push on Github community and we allow you the right to manage  your application.


How to migrate my data to ClicShopping :

You use an e-commerce application, ClicShopping has an application to allow to migrate easily. You can make your own migration hooks if it doesn't exist.

Every e-commerce platform has their own database, Actually, you can migrate from Oscommerce 2x or OpenCart. Some migration hooks will be available later. The tool could be installed from administration or you can download and install manually: https://github.com/ClicShoppingOfficialModulesV3/apps_tools_import_data


Do you have a social Media ? :
yes You can follow us on Facebook or Twitter (see below)


Some video :

How to install my dasboard.

This your first step to understand how works ClicShopping. The video below will help you to do that.



How to import from OpenCart the data inside ClicShopping ?
you can import also from osCommerce, ZenCart, and lot of software.




Questions will be added in the time in function of your request identifier.








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