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Paging in Configuration -> Location & taxes -> Zones

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When accessing Configuration => Location & taxes => Zones to:


1. Toggle status a zone in list, if we move to a page (not page 1) and click tick icon, after status changed, list page wil be page 1. So, paging function has a problem. Check https://demo.clicshopping.org/demo_test/ClicShoppingAdmin835/index.php?A&Configuration\Zones&Zones&2page=2&cID=73


2. Type a country (such as France in search bar) to filter zones belong to this country, if there are more than 1 page, if you choose page 2, 3, etc,... it will not go to the page, it will load page 1 of list zone page and all zone will be counted. Eg.: with France as example, at the end of page "Display 1 to 20 (on 107)", you cannot see 21 to 107 because when click to paging icon, it will not drive you to correct page as you expect.

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