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Need advice on importing clothing from China.

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I want to start buying clothing from China and selling it with my own designs on. I'm not sure how to go about doing it though.
Could someone maybe give me a step by step guide and what to do?
Will I have to legally register myself as a sole trader?
Do I need some sort of licence?

Advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Carole

In the past I try to work with chinese manufacturer.


Some information, I think, you can use :

1. Register as self employed.
2. Research the market for potential competitors and pricing.
3. Register your designs.
4. Understand the fabrics you will be using.
5. Compare prices, quality, printing and communication with the 3 suppliers and choose the one that ticks most/all of your requirements.
6. Request a sample and negotiate a price, to include everything (product, packaging & labelling).
7. When you are happy with the sample, proceed to an order, after agreeing all the details, including payment terms.
8. Ensure you inspect the products before you make any final payment if it's possible by someone in China

9. When you feel you can start to order 300pcs (minimum) per colour/design, then at that point consider China.

Best of luck with your project

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There are other countries on Planet Earth that also manufacture clothing (vietnam for example).

I suggest you attend a few trade fairs and look at all the possibilities, before leaping headfirst into the pool!

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To continue :

Turkey, Portugal, Morocco are all good places to buy cotton based clothing from, but the essential ingredient is to work with a company/agent that fully understands your requirements and can deliver the end result.

China, Vietnam, Thailand and new kid on the block, Myanmar are the best of the bunch in Asia.

If the design is your focal point, just buy plain t shirts and use a local printer (Leicester is full of them) to print your work.

Start small, grow organically.

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