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  1. After little time, not so little for the first time , I had a success; Thank your for your help
  2. Hello, ok, Thank you @Drack If I understand, I must vreate the files in sources/files and sources/modules/mymodules also ?
  3. Hello, Thank you Nice tutorial, well explain and easy to follow for me.
  4. Hello, Could you tell me if it's correct before to continue? Custom Sites Shop Pages MyNewPageDirectory Action MyNewPageDirectory.php
  5. If I understand the readme, I must reporduce the Sites/Shop/Page Directory inside the custom ?
  6. Hello, I want to create a new page to prepare Christmas with some specific information. For example, I want to use the favorites and includes a checbox to specifiy if the product must be inserted in the new page. Is it possible ? Thank you for your help.
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