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This tutorial allow you to create a cron to save your db in daily.

if you want to change the delay, you can use this site to help you : https://crontab-generator.org/


Inside your server create a files : saveCronTabDb.sh with execute right (chmod 755)




mysql -u${DB_USER} -p${DB_PASS} -h${DB_HOST} $DB_NAME < "/var/www/xxx/xxx/web8/web/myDbdirectory/myDbfilesToSave.sql"


Now you can create your crontab with this command: In this case all the 21hr everyday


* */21 * * * /var/www/xxx/xxx/web1/private/saveCronTabDb.sh > /var/www/xxx/xxx/web1/private/cron.log


To test your cron :

sh saveCronTabDb.sh


To see your cron


sudo crontab -l

Ah do not forget to protect your directory with an htaccess


# Disable directory browsing 
Options -Indexes

<Files .htaccess>
Order allow,deny
Deny from all


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