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How to display information inside the template

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The default template doesn't contain all informations that you can display in the template.
If you need more informations, you must create a new template and use this syntax.
Of course, if you want more options to display or not, you can create a new module and insert new option than you can manage in the back office.

There the main information you can use.

	$products_name : Display the product name

	$products_stock : Display the product stock (image or text)

	$products_short_description : Display a short product description

	$products_flash_discount : Display the flash discount about a product

	$min_order_quantity_products_display : Display the min order than you accept for one order

	$product_price :  display the product price

	$submit_button_view : display a message in function the customers group

	$submit_button : add button to take an order

	$products_quantity_unit : display the quantity of the unit to take an order

	$products_weight : display the product weight

	$button_small_view_details : Display the button to go in the product description

	$products_image : display the product image

	$ticker : display the ticker

	$products_model : display the product model

	$products_manufacturers :  display the product manufacturer/ brand

	$products_date_available : display the product availabity

	$products_only_shop : display if the product is only available on the shop

	$products_only_web : display if the product is only available on the web

	$products_packaging : display the product packaging

	$products_shipping_delay : display the shipping delay

	$products_tag :  display the product tag

	$products_volume : display the product volume
    $avg_reviews : display reviews Average with star
    $jsonLtd : display product Json Meta data
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